By dumbluck - United States
Today, I was driving in stop and go traffic and passed two accidents in the process. I got nervous and decided to change routes to avoid getting hit. As I was trying to find an alternative route on my GPS, I rear-ended the car in front of me. FML
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By  Jenga1855  |  0

Wow. thats kind of smart. you dont know the streets that well? jw. gps dont do well for almost anyone. it took me in circles around tacoma an seattle. i hate them.

  DocBastard  |  38

Foe, accidents like this DO just idiots who drive while smoking and talking on the phone and changing the radio station and searching for an alternate route on their GPS so they can shave 2 minutes off their commute.

Fucking imbeciles. Put the gadgets down and DRIVE, goddamned twits. You're behind the wheel of a 2000 kg weapon. Remember that.

  docscientist  |  9

Apparently, the rate of accidents have actually remained the same, but now people crash for different being an idiot and staring at your gps as if you're suddenly a ghost and can pass through solid objects.

  besosforme  |  26

Fun fact: they actually make hair straighteners (flat irons) that PLUG IN TO THE CIGARETTE LIGHTER. The cigarette lighter! In case you're running late?! Are you kidding me?!?! I saw them when I was shopping for new products to stock at the family salon... It is so ridiculous, these things can WAIT; that text is not going to disappear, your phone will not explode, the GPS will auto-reroute, and for God's sake, you can have curly/messy hair for a day. That's what ponytails are for.

  besosforme  |  26

Edit: I know that there is a possibility that a passenger could be the one using it, but it didn't look that's who it was marketed towards.
And, really? Is it THAT necessary? That's a mild distraction for the driver in itself, someone with defrizzing spray, with her arms moving all over the place, obstructing the view out of the passenger window..

I just wish people would stop trying to multitask so much. Driving is dangerous enough as it is; even if you're a good driver, you should be prepared that everyone else on the road is an idiot.

By  cristy91  |  33

Maybe you should upgrade to a newer one if you can so that it recalculates automatically. Also, you should never be focusing on your gps while driving, especially in high density traffic.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Agreed. Luck had nothing to do with the collision. OP, you're an idiot. Either you were actually messing with the GPS while in motion or you can't keep your foot on the brake when distracted. Y completely DI and F the L of the person you hit.