By kay - 01/06/2012 21:08 - United Kingdom - Maidstone

Today, a homeless guy grabbed me and started ranting that "the Mayans were right" or some shit. He was making about as much sense as Charlie Sheen outside of a padded cell, so I shoved him away. That's when he decided to pull a knife and chase me all the way to my car. FML
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melikeyturtles 3

Dont mess with homeless people. They will kick your a** and not care about consequences. They have nothing to lose.

Your lucky it wasn't dirty mike and the boys those homeless guys will have sex in your car.


Should listen to him! Seems like he has important things to say!

This whole conspiracy shit is getting people overwhelmed.

Didn't the Mayans disappear? If they didn't see that coming, then I highly doubt they can see the end of the world.

maxmex13 7

He wouldn't have had to worry about what the Mayans said if that guy caught up to him...

At least he didn't trip on bath salts and eat your face....

^^ The homeless guy was the one who got his face eaten... Not the one who ate it.

littlecuntcats 6

The end of the world is already disproven. The Mayans didn't count leap years and we did-- do. If they counted leap years, we'd be dead already.

whennotlooking 0

Smfh shoulda read the post. The guy didn't ask for money.

kittenvks 11

You should have slept less in English, then maybe you'd have less problems understanding the FML.

User name basically says "Crazy kid", has "You only live once", as a picture, and gas a stupid comment. Geez I'll be pickle named Sally if he isn's the coolest kid with the most swaggest swagger in the world. Spoiler alert: I'm not a pickle named Sally. D:

Has* isn't*. Sorry to correct you MrSassypants but you're a lazy asshole who doesn't proofread.

Op wouldn't be so angry if he relaxed with a nice glass of Koolaid.

melikeyturtles 3

Dont mess with homeless people. They will kick your a** and not care about consequences. They have nothing to lose.

jajaflan 4

Wtf to OP, dont push a guy over his opinion u selfish p.o.s.

kittenvks 11

No dude, no. I personally don't give two ***** if you're homeless. I dont care what's going on, you grab me and start ranting and I don't know you I'm probably gonna shove you too.

OP deserves it for putting their hands on another person. If I was trying to share with someone and they pushed me away.. I might get hostile too.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

40, you lack some serious reading comprehension. OP was grabbed by a crazy bum. How else could he have gotten away?

anzie_fml 9

5- and if you've heard the news lately, they'll apparently get high and try to eat your face.

The poor man is suffering in a pit of despair. You must put him out of his misery *draws .38*

40- You are exactly right! Reminds me of that guy in Florida who was trying to share a meal with that other dude and he was shot! Some people... On second thought, actually I think the poor man WAS the other man's meal...which makes your argument invalid.

YDI for talking about Charlie Sheen like that.

At least op didn't throw a rock at the homeless guy...

Your lucky it wasn't dirty mike and the boys those homeless guys will have sex in your car.

mollysticks 10

It's these times that make me wonder why people around don't help?... Like call 911 maybe?

Riiiiiight. Calling 911, while in the UK, while running full sprint away from a guy with a knife, while fumbling for your car keys. Sounds legit.

whennotlooking 0

-pretty sure he meant bystanders, not OP.

koolkat27 13

How do you know they didn't?

Options: 1) Admit that I misread the comment and am a dick. 2) Claim that I was being sarcastic. HMM...

Or the third option: 3) Blame your mother's uncle's brother-in-law whose autocorrect made him say those things. Oh yeah and he was drunk.

kittenvks 11

Don't forget you fell asleep and you're roommates stole your phone!

MerrikBarbarian 9

Or your cat typed it. And lest people get the urge to thumb me down, I'll explain context here for those who don't get it. I am a mod on a forum. I have legit seen people try claim their cat typed offensive comments after I suspend their account. Yeah, sure. Ok I'm probably getting thumbed down now aren't I? :p

Anyone would have done the same. After hearing all of the weird shit in the news of people eating faces and shit, you can never be too careful.

People have been eating shit for a while, nothing new there. Looking at you 2 Girls 1 Cup! *chorus of crickets* Yes, yes I understood what you were saying. Just making a joke. The ******* crickets enjoyed it.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Really? I thought ******* crickets would be enjoying their cricket orgy not your comment. ;)

whennotlooking 0

Haha in Zombieland, "Poor fat bastard"

Trisha_aus 15

Well..Runn Forrest Runnnnnnnn!

Does that mean the world is going to end on December? Dang, the Mayans were right.

They were partly right. December 21, 2012 is Snooki's due date.

nofearjenshere 12

I'm not dumb, I was joking. I don't know her actual due date, due to the fact that I don't watch jersey shore, thank you very much.