By kingdomgirl94 - 17/05/2016 00:02 - Canada - Peterborough

Today, my new upstairs neighbours sent away a package, telling the delivery guy that the person doesn't live there anymore. The package is a birthday present from my mother in-law, and it's been sent back twice now, even after talking to them and leaving a letter for them with my name on it. FML
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Hey everyone, Op here. I live in the basement apartment, with a side door entrance. The problem is that my side door opens directly into an alley, so all packages and mail are brought to the front door. If I knew who was delivering it, it wouldn't be an issue, but it's direct order from build-a-bear (I was finally told what it was after the second time it got sent back) and we don't know who they're using to deliver. I wish that it was going back to my mother in law, but what's even worse is that it keeps getting sent back to the build-a-bear thing in Ohio (I'm in Ontario). The delivery company, thinking that the recipient has moved, doesn't even hold the package or leave a note for pickup, they immediately send it back. I don't think the new neighbours are even doing it to be malicious, I think they're just dumb. It's like six guys just out of residence (this is a university town, I'm a student too) and everytime I've spoken to them I get a deer-in-headlights look. Either way it's super annoying. I really like the suggestion of leaving a note telling the delivery guy that the upstairs neighbours are idiots and that I do in fact live there. Really made me laugh! Here's hoping I get it soon!

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So basically your neighbors are assholes

Can you not pick it up at the post office?


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What did you do to piss off your neighbor.

So basically your neighbors are assholes

I want to know if you eventually get it.

Well, if you ever go postal, at least we'll know why.

Maybe formulate a better plan if you've had that many chances to have it delivered?

Can you not pick it up at the post office?

Even private delivery services usually give you option to pick up the package at their hub or branch.

If this continues to happen send it to a friends place.

Have you tried talking to your neighbors?

Can you read? It says right there in the FML "even after talking to them"

OP, is it "upstairs neighbours" as in you have a shared front door where the delivery would be brought, or as in you have separate addresses and the package is addressed to the wrong one? If the latter, she needs to update her address for you, but if the former, can she (and you, for all future deliveries) put something in the "additional delivery instructions" field something like "Recipient lives DOWNSTAIRS, but crazy upstairs neighbours sometimes deny that. If someone says they've moved, please specify NO, DOWNSTAIRS. Thanks!"

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We have a shared mail spot, and the same address, except ours will say "lower" and theirs "upper". I haven't seen the package through, and it might not specify or the delivery guy doesn't care enough to ask about the downstairs neighbours, or assumes that the upstairs neighbours know who lives in the basement.