By Anonymous - 15/11/2010 21:50 - Canada

Today, while driving home, I was so lonely I turned on my GPS, even though I knew the way, so it would feel like I had someone to talk to. It made me feel better. FML
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(GPS) "turn left" (op) "i love you too."

I'm sorry. That sucks. Been there.


I'm sorry. That sucks. Been there.

go cry about it

yeah, and i have sex with my microwave

i tell me GPS to shut the fuck up all the time. its s annoying. haha

whats its name ?

your upside down

^ referring to 8

anyone else notice mrsmcscruggs is only about 6-7 years old apparently ??? WTF

At least you have gps! I'd only have myself to talk to...

ask it to take you to vagina island and see where it takes you

#8 reminds me of jenna fischer

19, good point and apparently she's a Mrs. ?!?

Mcscruggs is a dog, 6-7 years is clearly of adult age.

hey fatman217 wat the fuck kinda pic is tat?!?!?!I mean seriously, WTF?

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mines name is kanye west cos it always interrupts me

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#7 You're a winner

I wish I had a GPS to talk to. But I have friends.

yes 12 I live in the south pole you see....

I live on Uranus.

maybe that gps can show you where to get a life

good point 19! wooow! 6 and married as well!

does it really help?

(GPS) "turn left" (op) "i love you too."

LMAO! I've actually done this, not because I was lonely but because a voice keeps me up when driving late. Radio voices are all too soothing late at night.

I heard gum can keep you up when driving

man: " Shiny GPS system, will our relationship bear fruit?" GPS: "Dead End Ahead"

most of the time you can argue with her too!

*turn left*.....NO! haha I got her real good this time...*in 100km* make a U-turn*...... dammit

Get a parrot ? :D

You should set the language to Spanish and drive all the wrong directions

not if you know that 'derecho' means right and 'izquierda' means left

"derecho" can also mean "straight" so itll get even more confusing lol

Actually, "derechA" is right and "derechO" is straight:P

yea, i forgot to correct that too thanx :D

can #70 be banned ? his name offends me not kidding I'm Jewish

your a fucking idiot

What exactly are we trying to accomplish here?

# 78 I don't think there even is a #70 but yer.

oh f*** off, everything offends Jews

Someone needs to get some friends... : /

Wow, this is really pathetic. Why didn't you call a friend via Bluetooth GPS instead? Or do you not have any of those either?

I'll be your frien.....ah, nah, nevermind. I forgot that I don't like lonely people.

Did it promise you cake?

the cakes a lie!!!! O.o

the cakes a lie!!!! O.o