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Today, while being robbed, a man heroically chased down the robber and got my purse back. He then looked at the distance between us, turned the other way and ran off with it. FML
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hate to break this to you but those guys were probably in cahoots and had this really elaborate plan where one of them "saves" the damsel in distress.


hate to break this to you but those guys were probably in cahoots and had this really elaborate plan where one of them "saves" the damsel in distress.

wow. great idea. I'll have to try that sometime lol

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Seriously, 53? Do you not see the quotation marks around the word 'saves'? lol

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meaning they set it up to look like someone was helping the lady, probably so nobody else would go after her purse for her. the two robbers probably met up later to split the profits.

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LOL@44 Now THAT is a concept. haha

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Yo dawg, I heard you like robberies, so I put a robbery in your robbery so you can rob while you rob !

Wow! It's very clever, sorry for OP lost though. :/

Omg! Lol, robbed twice... You just don't see that everyday. Sorry about your purse!

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That poor robber! All that hard robber work down the drain...

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No matter how many times I try reading it, I can't decipher your first sentence.

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Not only that, but parts I can read are really stupid statements.

imm pretty sure it was; the first robber was like no!!! I stole it first..... but then the rest................ AAAAAAAARRRRRRFRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I agree 24 and 31... I can't tell what the purpose of her statements are?

facepalm* i dont even see the point in people talking like this it makes no sense and is just just plain annoying!!

Neither did i understand the first sentence. Actually i didn't count more than one sentence.

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Punctuation goes a long way

I understood it, but it was exhausting and now I need to take a nap in order to recover.

"That sucks. The guy was like, "Noo! That was mine first! Cancel all your credit cards. Hopefully there wasn't hard cold cash in there, unless you buy illegal things. Just kidding." There you go guys :)

okay really, thumbs down my comment for trying to help your little minds read? Okay, that's the last time i try to help.

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You're lack punctuation brings me to the point where I believe you may be mentally challenged.

well that sucks. but it does show you that karma works. the son of a bitch who robbed you got robbed lol

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the second robber will get his house robbed... and he will get but raped by the robbers.

good times to be had by all see this whole mugging thing worked out just fine for everyone. well except OP but her life sucks anyway

laughed at this fml! but so sorry op. what a prick!

i think we all had a laugh at this but ya do feel for her

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FYL. But you shouldn't have been carrying anything worth stealing in the first place.

Yeah, how dare OP take her wallet/phone/mp3-player with her.

Oh ye 9 every body walks around penniless when they go out shopping in fear of being robbed.

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I won't dare say anything about a name brand purse. I know someone will call me a materialistic bitch or something.

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lol, is she not allowed to have a purse ?

wow . legit? I'd like to see u defend urself if that happens to u. like u don't carry around stuff that's worth stealing n if u don't ... it's cause u hav nothing that is worth stealing so FYL budd . -__-

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Exactly. I'm confused on why any male would try and steal a woman's purse. Do you need those tampons, pads, and make up? If you're looking for the credit card, they can cancel that.

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holy crap your profile pic is amazinf!

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What kind of a world do we live in?!? A robber gets robbed?!? What's next? A carjacker gets carjacked?!? We should do something about this!!!

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Maybe if you weren't such a helpless woman you could have gotten your purse back?

Indeed, God help the women who aren't bodybuilders or professional sprinters these days.

She might have, but if you see some man, who is less likely to get punched, or hit then you are, go after your purse for you, you tend to stop, which, n this case, is exactly why, was likely a friend of the original thief.

yeaah, and see what the robber pulls out of his pocket.. ? smart one dumb one.