By Daralea - Canada
Today, I timed my walk to work perfectly so that I avoided getting sprayed by the rotating sprinklers along the street. As soon as I successfully passed the last sprinkler, a bus sped by me, hit a puddle, and covered me head to toe in muddy water. FML
Daralea tells us more :
They always do, and I don't know why. They even have it aimed at the sidewalks half the time.
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  yamatelle  |  19

22-what effects would it have on you?
1) To make free from live bacteria or other microorganisms.
2) To deprive (a person or an animal) of the ability to produce offspring, as by removing the reproductive organs.
So, he's either implying that you get washed in disinfectant (I suggest 50% Isopropyl Alcohol) or chop off your genitals to stop you from reproducing.