By Daralea - 28/09/2011 17:54 - Canada

Today, I timed my walk to work perfectly so that I avoided getting sprayed by the rotating sprinklers along the street. As soon as I successfully passed the last sprinkler, a bus sped by me, hit a puddle, and covered me head to toe in muddy water. FML
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Daralea tells us more.

They always do, and I don't know why. They even have it aimed at the sidewalks half the time.

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Luckily the sprinklers are there to rinse yourself off in!

nothing like accomplishing a difficult feat then discovering that all your efforts were in vain

enonymous 8

People pay hundreds of dollars at the spa for this. Kick back in a 2 piece and enjoy the goodness

Assassinate the bus driver, BAM! problem solved.

fthislyfe 22

Personal experience: Whenever I want to avoid something so badly, it happens to me!

Damn_Hippster 11

Look on the bright side, there's always tomorrow!

You're stupid for believing in fate. Fate told me so.

13FTW 9

62, why so stupid? Don't be hatin' on the haters. That's like a world of hate fate.

kcircuses2 4

this is a life goal of mine to do that to someone even if I'm 70 years old and the opportunity arises I'm gonna soak the shit out of someone

jake1632 9

Mud bath and a shower by the sprinklers? Sounds greatttt!

Next time, get a gun and start shooting at the bus. That'll teach those bastards!

ikickgingers 15

... And this is why I think some people should be sterilized.

17 - coming from the guy who has a username of ikickgingers? Do you even know what sterilized means? What effect would that have on me? You're a dumbass.

yamatelle 19

22-what effects would it have on you? Sterilize- 1) To make free from live bacteria or other microorganisms. 2) To deprive (a person or an animal) of the ability to produce offspring, as by removing the reproductive organs. So, he's either implying that you get washed in disinfectant (I suggest 50% Isopropyl Alcohol) or chop off your genitals to stop you from reproducing. :)

yamatelle 19

Holy shit! You're a chick. So you're telling me that I've been having wet dreams about a chick this whole time? Well, ****!

Rico_Mal1116 0

Don't you just love getting soaked by mud?

lolololer 8

Op could have just waited for the sprinklers to come on so they could clean themself off

Takador 3

Now you know why Rihanna has an umbrella

eww I think i know what you mean by "mud" and that's just nasty...

next time run by, then you'll beat the bus and the sprinklers!

Now you have to learn the bus schedule perfectly

Go and run under the sprinkler to rinse off!

Only to have the bus run early once you have it all figured out...

In Ottawa and in the GTA the bus is never on time... I'm assuming the rest of Ontario is the same?

Looks like you need to start memorizing the bus times as well.

its better than getting hit by a bus. now that would be unfortunate

Joshoa123 16

Sad day. On the plus side you can clean yourself off in the clean sprinkler water.

Joshoa123 16

And practical! You're already wet might as well be clean and wet right?