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Today, after a few weeks of smuggling a baby caterpillar into work every day just to make sure it ate and stayed alive long enough to turn into a butterfly, it finally did. Before it could fly free, a bird turned it into a snack. FML
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Shit happens, and technically the butterfly will "fly away, " just in the bird's stomach.


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The first bit is definitely right, Noor!

That songs translates in English to "look there I see a lion, yes it's a lion!" lol but damn it sounds good

Scar! Brother? Help me! Scar: lolnope *le push* EMOTIONAL TRUAMA!

Pft, and yet people still wonder why I don't trust my brother.

Well all that matters is that you cared for it and not squished on the side of the road.

I think you forgot a part. The circle of life... Is a bitch. I mean, everyone's gotta eat right? But it's pretty traumatizing to be watching a cute little animal only to watch a bigger one rip it apart.

Chipmunk - that is a ragecomic that needs making. Get on it!!

You gotta sing that part! It's the ciiiiirclee of liiiiiiiiiiiifffffeee!!!!! :D

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Shit happens, and technically the butterfly will "fly away, " just in the bird's stomach.

#50: Just because a person decides to save an animal or even an insect does not mean s/he does not have a life. It means they are caring and able to tackle the responsibility of taking care of a helpless being.

52: I like your point, but insects are a part of the Animal kingdom :)

Thanks. Biology is not my strong suit.

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If it was an animal I would agree... But it was just a bug.

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True definition of that "butterfly in your stomach" feeling.

52- Smh. 50 had it right. OP 'smuggled' a caterpillar into work everyday... Op needs a human companion.

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Umm.. Is this really an "FML moment" ?

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What does comment moderated mean?

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just nature taking it's course

Awww!! That's like your Baby!!! (Getting eaten by BirdMan!!!) I feel sorry for your "adopted child"...

It's a caterpillar...I'm sure your mourning process won't be too long or stressful.... Good luck with future insect pets.

This is more like an FTBL (F the Butterfly's Life)... of course I still feel sorry for you OP

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Yea! Poor butterfly. :( Off topic, but I love your icon & the list of anime you watch.

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Wait, is that Niel from TeenTop? Heh finding a Kpoper on FML is rare ^-^

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Butterflies don't have those amazing wing decorations just because they look pretty....

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That doesn't mean they DON'T eat butterflies. Just because it isn't common doesn't mean it never happens.

Some eat rabbits. Some eat worms, some eat seeds, do I have to go on? Different birds eat different things.

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#10 Storks mostly eat everything (you are included in its menu).

okay but that also doesn't mean you all attack someone who isn't educated on birds. sheesh.

You don't have to be educated on birds. You just have to have attended elementary school

It's just common sense.... If it's small and a bug, a bird will probably eat it....

That actually sucks a true sad moment

You forgot two periods in your comment. Without them, your comment makes no sense.

Who gives a ****? You obviously knew what he meant...!

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17- No, no. He was clearly trying to say OP's situation sucks "a true sad moment." Obviously code for penis.