By Anonymous - 13/08/2013 08:49 - France - Paris

Today, my 7-year-old son proudly announced that he had laid an egg during the night. I checked. He'd simply shat the bed. FML
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He was just trying to make breakfast in bed.

hopefully it was more hardboiled than scrambled


Don't get too egged off.

I wouldn't be too egg-static about it either, but you need to egg-cept the situation, hardboil up, and scoop up the runny mess.

That's a shitty situation you got there. Ok, now no one can use that in this FML. Egg puns are a welcome.

#12 - I could've put in shituation, but it doesn't mean you should. The FML community is not very forgiving on shit(ty) puns.

Thus why I thought I would bite the bullet and get it over and done with. I hope no one will be tempted to shituate more.

So much, 36. By the way, I don't know who ate your username, but your profile pic looks rather tasty....

I'll tell you this much. Op had to clean up that rotten, stinky and broken egg

Little kids can be quite something else sometime.

1, that's an eggs-tremely good egg-ecution of that pun.

no shat, sherlock .

that was not eggecuted very well...

It was rather scrambled...

He was just trying to make breakfast in bed.

It was a chocolate egg.

I hope he did'nt eat it.

hopefully it was more hardboiled than scrambled

And god help you if it was a whole omelet

Perhaps it was over easy but with a sloppy broken yoke.

It's yolk.

Don't be too hard boiled on him

Cockle doodle doodie

If you're a bird, I'm a bird

Well technically you are a chick

Will you suck my cock?

In Ireland, women are referred to as birds sometimes by certain people. "Are you still going out with that bird?".

In Ireland? I thought that was kinda in most of the English speaking world?

At least it wasn't a watermelon!

How does this help the op?

29 - A smaller mess to clean up.

I'm happy for the boy it wasn't a watermelon!!

#29 if you prefer to clean up a poo the size of a watermelon, cudos.

Nobody say anything about how shitty the situation was

Yes, #12 did.

The first rule about shitty situation puns is you do not talk about shitty situation puns

Is that what the kids are calling them these days? Next time I ask for eggs I guess I better think twice.

Hopefully they won't egg your house!