By Anonymous - 08/11/2010 09:50 - United States

Today, trying to be cute, I told my soon-to-be husband he was the ying to my yang. He responded with, "Baby, you're the Monica Lewinsky to my Bill Clinton." FML
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snizzlesnuzzle 0

it's yin and yang. not ying.

Y'all are both losers.


Quest_ 13


Quest_ 13

My use of caps lock was clearly to convey the general tone of people who would be inclined to say such things. As denoted mostly by the quotation marks.

it's ok quest we still love you

restythestar 0

he was the "YIN" to my "YANG". it's Yin and Yang not Ying and Yang

OP must be giving that good head then.

When is caps lock day?

Wirebiter 0

Or she's fat and wears dumb hats.

I registered on the website just to say that. Thank you for noticing it.

Youve tried to submit 31 and gotten zero posted... FAIL!!

iluvlove 0

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It's yin and yang. Not ying and yang.


You are completely retarded #2!

niiick97_fml 3

2 is right. Yin represents the earth, darkness, and female forces; and yang is light, heaven, and male forces. Daoism, my friends.

Y'all are both losers.

mikejunior88 4

lmao #3

you're the real loser for using y'all

Excuse me, #29z Back up there. You want a side of epic with that fail? I think so. He is clearly from the south- And thats awesome. So, yet again, you fail. And Fyl for clearly not living in the south. *Sarcasm attack* Have a nice day yall, y'hear? (:

ahahaha nice come back... but y'all can't call the op a loser... that's not nice guys...

haha.. good looking out #35.

says mullet guy

jkgfdxb 0

lmao 106.

MissErikaHart 0

that's a good thing! I think....

snizzlesnuzzle 0

it's yin and yang. not ying.

that's what I thought

Yin Yang, Yo...

RedPillSucks 31

You're trying to be cute and are distraught that he responded by trying to be cute himself? You have different sense of humor. You might as well not get married to him if your humor bones are incompatible. FYL indeed. Sarcasm doesn't go well over the internet.

Part of me agree with u because yess,she is not forced to mary him,but still,not all times are good,even for the sarcasm.

Sarcastic or not, I agree, RedPill. If she can't take his jokes, she should leave now and do them both a favor. If I said something that impossibly corny (and inaccurate) to my husband, I'd expect a lot worse than that as a comeback. We're not a "cute" sayings couple.

22cute 17

Guys it's possible that you are taking the FML entirely too seriously. I think a lot of women write in fml meanig "omg can u believe he would do such a thing?!" and not so much "my life is in the toilet"

not all women are like that, jerk.

hahahahaha oh my gosh he is soooo romantic! :P

It's funny because I don't get the Monica Lewinsky to Bill Clinton reference. Anyone want to fill me in?

Quest_ 13

I'll fill you in like Clinton did Monica's mouth.

crazedcabbages 0

She was in a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton. (:

Yeah well, its not only you.

sourgirl101 28

Cigar any one?

TSunshine 0


Thank you Quest_ that gave me a real good laugh, and not such a good mental image. :)

hahahaha!!!!! oh family guy... damn Clinton

ok do it 15 @ me

Monica is actually the Count of Monte Cristo (give or take a vowel).

monkeybanana 7

she gave him a bj

Today, I had no sense of humor. FML.

every man needs a monica