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Well, why WAS there an onion on your head?

Impressing people are overrated just be yourself instead


Impressing people are overrated just be yourself instead

Agreed. Be yourself and you'll impress people.

Unless you're a murderer

it's only a a hairdo it's not like they changed their whole personality

That comment needs more likes and to be on the front of a newspaper or something.

The good thing is that hair grows back! You should experiment with different kinds of gels and stuff until it grows back

I don't think they got a haircut, maybe STYLED their hair differently?

I was thinking she put it up in a bun or something. You have to be crazy to cut your hair that drastically for someone that your only crushing on.

I'm guessing it was a sock bun.

Well, why WAS there an onion on your head?

she was going for a Jimmy Neutron look

She was looking for a piece of cheese and hamburger patty. Going to make a Sandwich.

Don't try to be someone you're not. If someone can't accept you for who you are then don't pursue them.

ehh, it's just a hairstyle. it's not like she just completely pretended to be someone else. you've never worn a shirt or something because someone said they liked it?

Next time, don't get your hair styled with a weed whacker at Home Depot.

Reminds me of an FML where the guy brutally butchered a frog with one of those :(

Don't change yourself for other people.

If only he was Shrek.

He would have been all ogre her.

Because Ogres have.. Never mind.

Never do something to impress someone, just be yourself.

Not even trick to impress someone?

Skip on the onion next time. At least he noticed you, right? No? Okay...

Silly onion head. Lol way more sexier when a woman can be herself around a guy.