Eat the rich

By DimeShapedBruise - 24/09/2013 06:14 - United States - Beaverton

Today, some asshat chewed me out over a 10 cent late fine he was charged on his library card. When I tried to explain the fine to him, he started mimicking me. Finally, as he chucked a dime at my head before storming out, I saw the glint of a Rolex watch from beneath his power suit. FML
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The rich keep getting richer, one dime at a tine.

What a twat.


The rich keep getting richer, one dime at a tine.

Oh God, *TIME! Why can't I spell at 7am... Apologies.

nurchok 15

No no, it was spelled perfectly fine at first, nothing wrong with "one dime at a tine"...

I wish I got a dime every tine I laughed at this comment.

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Neyuu 18

I agree, it made perfect cents to me, too.

74, judgemental? really? to know that it was a Rolex, OP probably saw the whole thing, she was just describing a glint from it. stop being a douche.

What a twat.

caohm 18

some people get rich and forget who there are, some people get rich and reveal who they are some people born rich never know who they are

I'm poor and I've got no clue.

caohm 18

me too #18 *depressingly eats his mustard sammich*

TheCaramelKing 11

Maybe it was a fake Rolex?

or... A "Faux-Lex" can I let myself out ..?

What an asshat!!

Yes, OP already made it clear he was an asshat.

jensen21 19

Every cent counts, I guess.

I wonder what book it was... How to be Stingy for Dummies?

I hate people. A lot.

asnakelovinbabe 16

It's probably fake.

Likely so is he. Sounds like some petty little insecure man, looking to feel important over some irrelevant, triviality by making a big show in public. Translation: A loser by choice. :p

Do you forget what the rules said?

That was probably a Folex, not a Rolex. And that 10 cents was probably all it cost to make.

You can tell a real Rolex vs a fake one by the way the second hand sweeps around the face, instead of that "tick-tick" motion. :P

RedPillSucks 31

Yeah, but OP probably didn't have enough observation time to check that out.

OscarDV 8

Its also a possibility that it was a gift.

raininginseattle 9

Not really 26. With cheap movements out there, even the fakes have sweeping second hands.

asnakelovinbabe 16

WHAT THE HELL DOC. I comment above this saying the watch is probably fake and people hate it. You say the same and people love it. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS.

81) no offense to doc, but it's just proof most of the fml community are sheep. His comments will very rarely, if ever, be down voted just because of who he is. Don't get me wrong, most of his comments are funny, but we all know the second part is also partially true...

michael666 7

he had more details, you only said "its probably fake" while the good ol' doc here explained in a more detailed manner, its all in the presentation.

That's how he saved up to buy that Rolex!

What a di^* you just smile and know that he never grew up and lives off mommys nipple still have a better day op

Dine, diss, dice, died, dive? So many possibilities.

Sinistra_Blue 12

Dime! I think he was trying to say dime.

Sounds like he has anger issues... If you get angry in a library you must be a special kind of pathetic.