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Today, a patient was late for a psychiatry appointment, after having missed his previous two. I am the medical student on the team that was supposed to do his assessment. I said, "You snooze, you lose." Everyone stopped and looked at me. Apparently, he missed them because he has narcolepsy. FML
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Yeeeeeeeeaaaaahh, you're the kind of person I fear achieving a medical degree. ...You DO know you're allowed to read (and pay attention to) the case files...right?

Wow, next time, read the patient's chart before going to meet with him. If we nursing students can do it, surely you medical students can do it too.


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Ha suck it bitches my comment is showing up as the second one!! Now everyone can see my glory!!!

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Narcolepsy isn't funny. Narcolepsy is a condition in which a person will fall asleep at random times and it can be very unfortunate and at times extremely dangerous for the person with the condition.

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althoughhhhh... awkward accidental doctor-medicine humour wins again! judd apatow is out of a job

it's almost as ironic as a fire station burning down.

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how in the world does that justify bullying??? does this mean doctors get to make fun of their patients just for being sick, possibly with a condition they were born with? NO!

i hope you're trolling. if not, please remove kill yourself.

i hope you get cancer for saying that stuff. sheesh. sick people are the same as normal people.

your born with narcelepsy asshole. its not his fualt. you should consider yourself lucky you ahve good health

sick people arnt the same as normal people... normal people arnt sick.

you guys are retards, he was ****** jokin