By undateable - 18/10/2020 02:01 - United States

Oh, he's a "Nice Guy"

Today, I tried to drown out the petulant whining of my idiot coworker as he droned on and on about how, “bitches don’t appreciate good men.” He’s 35, lives at home, still uses the term 'friendzone' and has the hygiene of a sewer-dwelling ogre. I was written up for for snapping and yelling at him. FML
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By  Tim Vargonian  |  4

I mean, snapping and yelling at him REGARDLESS of his stupidity, life situation, maturity level, and gross-ness is still wrong, so you deserve this.

However, perhaps next time you should report him for inappropriate conversation/misogynistic comments? Record him doing it too. Just casually pull your phone out like you got a text or something, start recoding with any free app, and there you go. Be sure you say his name at some point too that he responds to.

He likely won't be a coworker for long.

  Win  |  9

That’s pretty black and white thinking. I’m sure OP doesn’t go around yelling/snapping at people. Yelling/snapping at people is not always “wrong”. Context matters, a LOT!
Is it always helpful? No. But sometimes it can be.
I don’t know enough about the dialogue so can’t say if OP deserves it or not. But your first paragraph is too rigid.

By  Chazzster  |  21

OP, the old saying is “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Yes, coworker was a jerk and an idiot. Had you reported them to your supervisor, he might have been the one written up. Remember that in the future.

Yelling in the work place never solves anything (or nearly anyplace else). Have you ever tried politely telling coworker that you don’t want to hear his complaints. If not try it. If idiot boy persists, just get up and walk away. Then when you are calm report him to your supervisor. It’s the supervisor’s job to make sure that work gets done.