By peele - Estonia - Tallinn
Today, a coworker jokingly noted that my signature looks like "Pedo". I couldn't see it that way, so I asked some other people for their opinion. They confessed they'd always thought it looked like "Pedo", but never said anything. My name is Peele. I've been signing it off as Pedo for 10 years. FML
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  tomatosz  |  23

"ol" or "al" can easily look like a "d" depending on handwriting, and as his last "e" is mistaken for an "o" (not sure how those would be alike) it's not too strange that in his handwriting, "el" becomes a "d" too.

  Ravensmoon666  |  19

There's a button for that.
Also I don't see how he deserves it? He may write in cursive and to those who aren't used to it "el" cluld easily look like a "d"