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  MrSassypants  |  32

"Hey, yo. You selling by any chance?"
"What you want?"
"I'm talking about that good stuff."
"Be more specific."
"I'm talking about that bread."
"What kind?"
"That good bread."
"You don't mean..."
"Yeah, I mean pizza."
"Nah! The fuck I look like? I ain't selling pizza. I don't fuck with that. I ain't wanna ruin someone's life. That stuff addicting. I only did it once in high school. Never again. I only sell good ol' fashion crack like a normal dealer."


In my town a few years ago, a pizza guy was killed on his way for a delivery, and, I shit you not, the murderer made off with the pizza. Fucked up world we live in, where somebody is cruel enough to kill a pizza delivery boy for just for the pizza instead of simply ordering some for themselves.