By owew - 09/12/2010 05:33

Today, I don't know anyone in the city where I just moved. I felt really lonely so I picked up my cat to try and cuddle with her. She freaked out and ripped my face apart. She ran then away to go play with the cats outside. Even my cat has more friends than me. FML
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Get a dog then.

Strike up conversations with interesting people in the emergency room. Chat up the doctor giving you stitches. Ask the nurse sopping up your blood what fun things there are to do in town. People won't come to you, OP. Put in some effort and soon you'll have a ton of friends who enjoy hanging out with disfigured crybabies. Good luck!


Ripped your face apart? Bullshit.

cats are assholes anyway, you can't be friends with a cat only it's bitch.

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was the cat in heat?

op was in heat...

its probably not even his cat.

Rofl #44.

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lmao 44

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ah boohoo. I've moved 4 times since junior high. you'll get over it soon. I promise.

yeah or commit suicide.

Does that mean you moved with your family and attended a new school? I don't know OP's age but moving as an adult is a little more difficult. OP may have moved alone. And making friends as an adult is more complicated than "OMG, we have the same teacher and have the same favourite colour!"

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Hah Okay, I've moved around 30 times. Whether you're moving with or without family it can still get lonely, but personally most of the time I've enjoyed it. Sometimes I get restless being in one place too long. haha OP good luck and make some friends difficult as that can be it'll be worth it!

guys it isn't a competition...

Get a dog then.

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Quadruple win.

C-c-c-combo breaker!!!

What would happen if there was a combo of combo breakers? The world may never know...

47 Then the damn owl will finally tell us how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

patience! I'm sure you will make friends in no time. You can't expect anyone to like you when you just move in

YDI for having a cat.

Uhh...cats are awesome. But I'm guessing you've never seen a pussy so...

evil cats, but we love them anyways?.

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I love cats... and dogs...

go to a social gathering. if you sit in your house with your cat you won't get any friends. ydi.

total cat ponage

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71 I think the non-English man is trying to spell ownage or pwnage.

just like with humans, you can communicate with cats. The cat probably gave you signs to stop, but you did not... Good luck with getting friends.

Ydi for being whiny... Go make some friends..