By Annon - 26/11/2011 11:38 - Australia

Today, the recycling bin caught fire. My little brother was "experimenting" with his magnifying glass, set an egg carton on fire and didn't realise you had to put it out before throwing it in the bin. FML
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13FTW 9

What's that supposed to mean? Prepare to be thumbed down majorly by the way.

nuggetmonster 12

Why would I be majorly thumbsed down? Because my comment isn't witty enough and lacks your approval?

Of all the times I've played with a magnifying glass, I never actually set anything on fire. Kudos to OP's brother...

n_epic_fail 14

You've got a little pyromaniac on your hands, yea FYL

blackheart24 10

Have they still not discovered matches in Australia??

bitchslapped22 14

45 I gave a hobo filet mignon one time. It was his birthday so I bought him anything he wanted.

Fml's like these scare we that I'll be alive in 20 years to see this kid as an "adult"

itsame0987 18

What happened to the good old days when kids caught ants on fire with the magnifying glass?

Well, it's okay! They melt the plastic before turning it into new products anyways! Now they just have one less step.

One minute there setting fire to egg cartons next thing there setting your house in fire they grow up so fast

Setting egg cartons on fire is not a life cycle stage...

Use punctuation, no one likes run-on sentences. And before I forget *they're

illabye 0

xD lmao kids do the most rottenest things

Pyro kid huh? Does he wet the bed and / or abuse animals too?

C'mon now, we've all been there. Give the kid a break.

I can honestly say I have never lit a recycling bin on fire.

if you were babysitting, that really sucks! if you know yur brother is at that stage in his childhood,you should watch him a bit more carefully!!