By Anonymous - 20/02/2014 10:01 - United Kingdom - Great Malvern

Today, I watched my brother attempt to cook some eggs without turning the gas on. FML
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Wizardo 33

The fire is there just like the cooking skills you can't see, muggles.

He should watch some you tube videos to learn how to cook.


He should watch some you tube videos to learn how to cook.

He will learn all that he needs to with HowToBasic, their specialty is eggs.

At least he didn't turn on the gas without lighting it.

In my opinion, dont go with Howtobasic. Their videos seem to go a bit off topic.

#104 - Shhh. They must never know the secrets until they watch him.

Why? You can microwave eggs to cook them, a lot of people do. At least a microwave would be using heat.

Don't know if troll or just stupid. And microwave ovens don't use heat; they use microwaves, hence the name..

Microwaves convert directly to heat, which is what cooks the food...

Also, a lot of people do indeed use microwave ovens to scramble their eggs. Not everyone has a working stove top to use.

Microwaved eggs... they're disgusting. I'd rather give up scrambled eggs than eat them cooked that way again. You'd be better off boiling them inside a coffee pot!

Subway microwaves all their eggs for their sandwiches. lots of people do this.

Yeah but if you put it in too long it explodes. I know this, sadly, from experience.

buttcramp 21

I've never tried to microwave eggs.. now I'm super interested in microwaving experiments lol

#33, and this is why I don't order eggs at subway. Why microwave when using a fryingpan is so easy? Put fryingpan on medium low heat (you have to remember to turn on the stove for this to work) add bacon drippings, or fry bacon, then add eggs. Easy over for me please. Delicious.

bfsd42 20

20, microwaves excite the water molecules in the food, which then vibrate, thus generating heat. The microwaves convert indirectly to heat, so the other guy was right.

Crack 2 eggs into a saucer. whisk gently and season. microwave for approx a minute and a half. you now have a bread sized egg patty.

Microwaves don't "convert" to heat. They make the water molecules vibrate and create friction, releasing heat as a byproduct.

69 and 94, you guys are definitely correct, but are getting kinda technical. The first guys point was that at least a microwave would heat the eggs, directly or indirectly, unlike an off gas stove.

crazytwinsmom 25

Scrambled eggs in mw work best if you mix them up about every 10-15 seconds and don't over cook. For fun, crack an egg into a really small bowl and seal with plastic wrap then mw til it starts bouncing around.

You mean to say you haven't done something silly? It's just one of those things... He isn't "special". I bet you've put the milk in the pantry or tried to look for something you were holding. Our brains fart sometimes!

Exactly, I've lost my phone while watching tv on it...

jazzy_123 20

I took the gallon of milk to my room once and left it on the bed by accident. When I went to the fridge about and hourvlater it wasn't there and I was sad. Then another hour later when I went to my room I saw it there on my bed x) things like that happen. Doesn't mean we're "special" in any way.

kingvssj0 9

Dude that's the his brother don't be rude

Not "special", this dude was stoned. I remember my first joint

Wizardo 33

The fire is there just like the cooking skills you can't see, muggles.

Wouldn't this be an FML for him instead of you?

casual_commenter 9

It must be an FML for OP because they are embarrassed to claim the brother as family!

It's rather hilarious yo hear how stupid some of these people are

That's actually why FML exists. The more you know, right?

And you're so smart you checked your spelling before posting!

Indeed. What an odd FML for the community to vote for and the mods to say, "Yeah, alright."