By KC - 17/02/2009 23:44 - United States

Today, the priest was handing out red roses after church. The woman ahead of me asked for a rose. The priest said, "Sorry, we are only giving them out to single women since they didn't get any for Valentine's Day." Then he hands one to me. This was the first time I have been to that church. FML
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My theory, like others have said, is that he wanted to be polite, and since he didn't know you, and didn't know if you were single or not, opted to give you one rather than asking you if you were single. Usually that's not something a priest would ask, and sounds more like someone wanting to date you would ask. Besides, if you're new he wants to be friendly and nice. And on that note, ignore #4. Church is wonderful.

51, I believe the hell 46 is referring to is church.


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Priests have the power to speak to God so God tells him who's single and who's not. Or you have the unfortunate appearance of someone who is destined to be single. I can't decide.

greenman posts so many comments like this ?

nope. sometimes he againzt masterbating and sometimes he thinks preggo threesomes r hot.

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fail no that was not today's lesson. good luck in hell

51, I believe the hell 46 is referring to is church.

church is amazing. period. that pastor or whatever was probably just confused. you can't judge one church & say all churches are the same, because they aren't.

That is a really insulting thing to do for a church. They should either give a rose to everyone or to no one regardless of marital status. What about single guys who want to feel appreciated? What about married women or men who aren't appreciated by their spouse?

That is bad advice!

eh better to err on the side of caution, was probably his thoughts.

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I don't know about the rest of you...but I go to church to meet the women. Catholic girls are such sluts its amazing. There is nothing more sexy than screwing a girl in the get you sinning, your confessing, and she gets to do plenty of talking to god...all at once!

#11 religious girls are fucking stupid though, that's the annoying part.

#10- these don't get automatically posted. they're moderated first.

#13 oh, of course the majority are. but theres a great thing about the catholics... complete repression and huge loads of guilt and rebellion. you use em, lose them, thank the lord for the pussy he has given you, and then move on to another. eventually you can grow up and find an intelligent woman who will be way more awesome than any slut...but she will be some serious work.

then shes kinda slow cause about 90 vday ones were posted on vday....either way, slow and retarded. and a dumb church.