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Today, I was video chatting with my boyfriend of two years. He asked me to turn off my webcam. I asked why, and he said to just trust him. Turns out it was because he didn't want to see my face as he broke up with me. FML
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what if he didn't want to see her face because breaking up was already really hard to do? that doesn't make him a douche just a coward

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the boyfriend's a douche. now im a coward. i wouldnt set foot in the same room as chuckie cheese. he's a creeper.

he's an ass. you should dump him, OP. (please fml tough guys, leave this comment alone, I understood the fml i was being ironic.)

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29-That'snot how you use irony though...

29. I found no point in posting a comment if you have to explain it, or defend yourself before anyone says anything. Or if it's just dumb.

he doesn't have the balls to look her in the face when he ends it with her over video chat? he's both a coward and a douche bag.

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over a web cams hardenuf but for him to say that , thats terrible. sorry to hear OP

hez a douche cuz he didnt do it in person like a normal persob shuld

OP's bf is an Internet reliant dastard!! These people can't handle the circumstances that life dishes out to them, so they take the easier way. Sorry about your terrible break up, op:(

Omg are you from Jon Lajoi's wtf Collective's 1 and 2?

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I know exactly how you feel OP my damn boyfriend did the same thing.

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muther ***** id slap him thru the computer

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Does anyone else think that FML should set up a dating website for it's users? There are so many on here with stupid partners it could become quite a success!

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She put a bag on my head Still counts! Except the other way around I guess...

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it's better than using the bag as a condom...(grabs kleenex box) AND THEN BREAKIING UP WITH YOU!! *sniffles*

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What the ****? The guy was "nice" to break up with a person that way? What would've been "nice" would've been for him to man- up and meet OP at a place and break-up with them face-to-face. It wasn't a month or two relationship, it was two (wasted) years of the OP's life and he couldn't even act like a man to say it to their face. Sorry OP, that ******* sucks.

-17 How could this have been wasted, she had two years with a man that probably cared for her for those two years, I don't think wasted would be the right term, maybe stalled but certainly not exactly "wasted"

It's a waste in my opinion if ultimately the guy can't at least have the guts to say something to the persons face. It was two years of their life, not two months, and regardless, any person deserves more respect than that. I'd call it a waste, but I respect your views.

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Don't see how him trying not to feel guilty is being nice. Seems more selfish to me.

Look just because a person can't look you in the face when he has something hard to tell you doesn't mean he isn't an ok person, he could be sweet and caring but he just couldn't bear to see a person he knows have a hard time...

I'm not saying what he did is right but I think we shouldn't judge people on one error.

44 - You're not going to have much excitement in life with that attitude. Not everything is a waste; that relationship could have taught her some valuable lessons despite it eventually ending. I like to view relationships as a learning experience, and if they work out or end in marriage (or something of the same personal value), it's a bonus.

Someone who is trying to be 'nice' about a break up, doesn't do it over the computer. He is obviously an asshole and a coward.

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What a asshole, your better off without him. Now you can find a guy worth your time and love. Sorry op that does suck.

wow, this makes a breakup over text seem nice...