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I'm pretty sure if you reported your car stolen, then they wouldn't be sending you tickets.. to get a ticket, doesn't it require some sort of police interaction? At least on some level? You know, the same police that would have the report on it being stolen? It just doesnt seem to make sense..

  TheKitsune  |  0

Actually the camera's are all run by a private company. Police interaction doesn't go beyond an officer looking at the photo's and determining that there was a violation, signing it and having it sent out. He will have to make a court appearance but it's pretty easy to get that dismissed.

  luxornv  |  0

You would think that, but they most likely don't check to see if the car is stolen when they review the photos. An actual person checks those and all they really check to see is if they have a clear picture of the plate and the driver. Anything else would add usually unnecessary steps. As long as the car was reported stolen, the OP shouldn't be held accountable for those tickets, and they can actually make a good attempt to track down the car and thief.

  dzizzle  |  0

I got a parking ticket on my car after it was stolen. It was a pain in the ass to get it dismissed, and it involved me sending them (the police) a copy of the police report, which cost me $5.

  xMooMoox  |  0

#64 I'm guessing the ticket was more then $5 so while it sucks, it could have been a lot worse. But if were going to count up how much money you lost, you can't forget the time and effort "time money" you put into getting it dismissed. And it does seem rather lame you had to give the police a police report.

  rjrudman  |  0

Fake. Unless you didn't report it in the three weeks, you wouldn't get a ticket. if you didn't report it, you're an idiot.
Stop fucking posting fake fmls.

  PLUR33  |  0

#93, I'm not surprised that OP did receive the tickets in the mail. Different branches of government aren't very in tune with each other.

What does surprise me, however, is that the thief hadn't taken measures to disguise the car. They even had the same plates on?!

By  caancoha  |  0

I sure hope you reported it stolen, as others have said. Bring the tickets to the DMV or local police station and you'll coast. They can trace the thief, I'm sure.