By oh well - 10/03/2015 13:27 - United States

Today, the only birthday present I got was a gift card to a steak house. Not a bad gift, but I'm a vegan. FML
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danceinconverse 25

Wow, hope it was a mis-steak.

Sell it and buy a vegetable plant or something you like.


Sell it and buy a vegetable plant or something you like.

If you're a vegan, YDI. If you're a vegetarian, FYL.

I guess vegans are a protected species in this community.

BOY, did you really just say "VEGETABLE PLANT"! Let me know where i can buy a steak plant!

Frillwee95 12

Not all plants produce vegetables, if you don't believe me, try eating some nightshade, I hear those are very delicious fruit plants.....

40 - are you dumb or just really too high to think?

I wonder if someone close to you gave it to you, just to be an asshole.

Something I'd totally do to a close friend of mine. But then again, I am an asshole

JustinJK 21

Omg my best friend is a Vegan and his birthday is in a few weeks. Totally doing this.

#94 That comment was funnier than #2's.

Re-gift it to someone else on their birthday. Just make sure you don't give it back to the same person

Give it back to the same person. They get the same amount of thought that they gave when choosing OP's present.

They may not have known OP was vegan. I have close friends in another state that I haven't seen in a while. We still send each other gifts, but it's hard to get a good gift when you aren't sure what's going on in their lives anymore xD

Just sell the card. It's so easy to turn unwanted gift cards into cash.

Yeah, you could sell it on Craigslist.

danceinconverse 25

Wow, hope it was a mis-steak.

Moklon 18

Op should meat up with someone who likes steak and exchange the card for cash

OP should trade in the card for some green. He/she is into plants after all.

soulcrusher11 16

Id steak my odds she got it from her parents, maybe she will meat someone decent if she goes there! Have a nice salad, hold the beef

But nowhere near as lame as YOUR comment #46.

It probably was... I make missed-steaks all the time

ndnpride88 25

Maybe the restaurant has food for vegans or trade the value of the gift with a friend for cash.