By Bestbirthday / Tuesday 12 July 2016 01:04 / United States - Bastrop
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  randomname98  |  22

The same sort of thing happens to me all the time, since my sister is the favorite child. To give you a hint, the only thing I got for my 18th birthday was a free razor in the mail, and they're currently planning a huge party for my sister and 30 of her friends for her birthday. My advice to you, OP, is to find some good friends and stick with them, and maybe move out ASAP, talking to your parents about this will only make them angry if they're like my parents. Good luck, and happy birthday!

  randomname98  |  22

To answer your question #6, they do so to make their favorite child feel better. My parents have openly said that they've always wanted a girl. I'm just around to do chores and for people to yell at when they're frustrated.

  measishouldbe  |  17

Thats exactly like my bf. He's there for chores and got nothing for his 21st birthday but his sister got a car, an iphone and a huge party for her 18th... She also got a car on her 16th. All rego is paid by her father.

  DanielleinDC  |  31

My sister is about 21 months younger than I. When we were in our 20s, for one birthday, my mom took my sister to Europe. She got me a shitty Olympic-themed watch she wore to events at the 1996 Olympics because she thought it would "mean" something. Yeah, a used watch.

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