By Wakachulak - 30/07/2013 05:55 - South Africa - Johannesburg

Today, a guy on the bus was nice enough to slide over so I could sit down. Right after, he said, "Fair warning though, I just farted there." FML
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Wakachulak tells us more.

Funny thing, I logged in to do just that. I had to make the FML short, so some details were left out of course. The 'bus' was actually a company minibus taking people from the company parking lot to the office building and back. There is no room for standing. The distance between the parking and office is 20 min on foot btw. Yes, I measured that. Yes, the guy did take the aisle seat and then scooted over when I got on. It's just a courtesy between colleagues. Honestly, I don't know how it smelled. My sense of smell is so dull, only the most vile blasts register with me. For all I know, he could of just been pulling my leg, in which case he had the misfortune of picking on the one guy that would of reacted to that prank with nothing but a deadpan "Thanks". Oh well, **** his life :)

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It's good to hear that you cleared the air

flashback.miss 28

What bus seat hasn't been farted on?


flashback.miss 28

What bus seat hasn't been farted on?

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When it's fresh it's a different story..

2 What the **** is up with your profile picture? It's like your trying this gross people out.

We can say the same about yours daniel.

#39, lmao. #2, I think every seat in the world has been farted on, lol.

I'm sitting on a bus seat as I'm reading this

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Wouldn't you have noticed anyway though? At least this way you had time to steel your nerves to it. And why would he fart and then move off the seat he farted on? Why not just stay on his farty seat while you sit on the one he wasn't in?

Or sat down, maybe that's more proper..

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The guy was probably getting off as he was getting on...

Did either of you read the FML or are you just making things up?

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He slid over I think, he probably chose the aisle seat out of convenience, but when someone needed the seat he moved so they didn't have to push past his legs. I doubt he moved coincidentally when OP walked by just to get off his fart.

Well, that stinks! At least he warned you. If that was me, i would've just snickered and moved over

Well, it wasn't you though so your invalid opinion doesn't matter...

Wait even tho it wasn't him/her how is that invalid?

At least he was polite and honest all at the same time? :D

I'm sure most bus seats have had worse on them than farts. :p

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You should have told him " oh don't worry that Mexican food I just had is not agreeing with me so I hope your window opens"

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