By joe - 19/11/2012 03:13 - United States - Ellicott City

Today, I bought a new armband to hold my iPhone while working out so I can listen to music and I was excited to start getting in shape. Unfortunately, when I tried it on, my arm was too big and it didn't fit. FML
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It's still good you're trying, good luck!! Maybe it was just a kids' armband...


It's still good you're trying, good luck!! Maybe it was just a kids' armband...

JocelynKaulitz 28

Think of it as a motivation…

It could have been a kids one. Who knows. But this is a great opportunity to set a goal. End of week/month/year/whatever to make it fit around the arm.

oj101 33

The OP could buy strips of Velcro (both the soft and rough side) and extend it like you would with a power cord. That is however, a strap situation to be in.

crazytwinsmom 25

OP could wear it on their wrist and then move it as it fits.

I love how the FML community becomes a problem solving hub when a person genuinely didn't deserve what happened! This is why i don't give up on humanity! Oh and I agree with these solution ideas.

YeaSo3 14

I was just bout to say dont look at it as such a bad thing now you have something to work towards.

OhDearBetrayal 25

This will be me in the future. I can just see technology, my vice, turning on me.

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AbstraktThoughts 13

Well what are you waiting for?! Go out and exercise till it does fit! Good luck! :)

chickenflem 8

Exactly. Now you have more of an incentive to exercise. Best of luck to you OP!

They also have a bigger armband for users who just never fit: the i'mPhat

The I'mphat, the latest innovation from apple since iPhone!

oj101 33

#14 - I apologize for criticizing your ubiquitous presence the other day, and alleging you overused puns to the point where it was getting old. That comment was quite clever, and I shall enjoy to see more 'pun' comments from you in the future. All the best. OJ101

28: You took the time to write that...why? "I don't usually like your puns but that's a good one!" is rude with little room to call a compliment. This is before we get to the words many will need a dictionary to understand.

Don't worry OP, you can workout without music for awhile an then when you are fitter you can! :)

Undefined323 5

It's just an extra push. You will eventually get there. Good luck.

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Don't let it discourage you OP! It's great you're trying to get in shape(: maybe just workout without music until it fits? It can be your inventive to lose weight! Good luck OP!!

dancer4life143 13

*incentive You would think that with everything my phone can do, it would know that "incentive" does not need autocorrect...

Maybe your phone is trying to tell you to be more inventive.

An incentive to be more inventive by making an autocorrect shortcut for the word "incentive".