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Today, my husband and I were pulled over by a cop. He was still angry from our earlier argument over his constant freeloading, and when the cop told him we'd been doing 75 in a 55, he retorted, "Yeah? I did 75 in your mom last night, fuzzball." One more ticket I have to pay for. FML
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Your husband is an idiot. He deserves a ticket. It does suck that you have to pay for it though.


Your husband is an idiot. He deserves a ticket. It does suck that you have to pay for it though.

I wanna know who says fuzzball casually like that

Didn't seem too casual of a situation to me, 4.

She doesn't *have* to. He's an adult. If he can't or won't pay, he will be responsible for the consequences. OP, if your husband resents being called a freeloader, here's the perfect time to let him take care of his own expenses.

Ticket's probably cheaper than bail, no?

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sure, 56, but how is that relevant here exactly?

Hmm. Upon coming back and re-reading it...I just don't know.

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88 well if the husband neglects to pay the ticket he could get a warrant, go to jail where the wife would have to pay a bail bond, ect. But he sounds ignorant nun the less.

He should've calmed down before he spoke, look at what anger does to hou

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88- I think 56 meant if he didn't pay the ticket he could be jailed, and bail would be more than paying the ticket.

But none of those expenses would come under the wife's name. If he can't pull his shit together to pay the ticket or at leaat apologise to his wife and ask her kindly to pay, he will get the fines or license susoension or whatever happens. The court won't look for her to pay anything. Personally, I'd leave him in jail and let him freeload off the government for a while before I paid a cent of bail money.

I know what a 69 is, but 75 is new to me. *trying to imagine what the hell a 75 would be*

He might me ummm wellll ****** retarded

I don't know all the levels of mental retardation but if he can legally drive I am certain he us capable of holding some type of job.

Ahahahahahah your husband is hilarious!

You'd be surprised how many severely retarded kids at my school wound up driving. The govt will give them licenses without a second thought. Part of the whole "mainstreaming" thing they try to do with those types of people. Also, as a side note: "Potato." If you get that reference then you deserve a gold star (Its got nothing to do with portal).

It does not state in the FML that the husband was the one driving the car. He would only receive the bench warrant if he was the driver. It could be that OP was hoping to pass the attitude test, but failed due to her husbands actions. Therefore she would get the warrant.

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75 seconds? His new record!

Three inches can be hell at 75 mph!!!

Nice Z #65 :) I have a slammed single turbo @ 388kw... Sitting on 18x10.5 and 18x9 xd9's :)

*trying to picture what a 75 is supposed to look like* Wait, so is it like spooning? Only facing away from each other and the guy has a boner? Hold on, is the woman pregnant or is that supposed to be a boob? *is thoroughly confused*

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73- Make some sense if your gonna talk..

I think 73 is speaking in Car & Driver, but it's the most peculiar dialect.

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It's funny because #75 is talking about 75.

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He probably didn't rationalize it at the time but I would imagine ejaculation...

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Simple solution: you must kill your husband.

*husband/boyfriend does something wrong* comments: OMFG GET RID OF HIM

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13) You are correct. Whenever someone does anything to make your life uncomfortable in the slightest, The only recourse you have or need is to remove them from your life immediately, if not sooner. It is applicable to both sexes. We are hoping to educate those young enough to be learn two very important life lessons here on FML: you are better off alone, and use proper spelling and grammar.

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lmao only if he has life insurance

You people understand that 6 was most likely being sarcastic, right?

110) No we had no idea, thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all it is much appreciated. Incase you didn't know that was sarcasm as well....

115- Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, huh? No need to be rude about it, I said that because everyone is/was thumbing him down.

We did it for the reason everyone does, he made a stupid/dumb comment or mistake. I'm not saying we all don't do it, but thats how it apparently "works" on FML.

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Can someone thumb down #115 for me? My freaking chicken fingers pressed thumbs up instead of down :/

Sorry, make that 2 people. I went to thumbs down him for you, but I spaced out and pressed thumbs up instead -_-' Typical me.

Can someone please thumb down 115 for me now? I thumbed them down for 171...

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Good puck, your husband is kind of a dick. Also dont see why you have to pay it

she shouldn't have to pay, but since she did he owes her more than just a sandwich....

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The argument was over his "free loading" so I take it she pays for everything. "money - by me"- leave this sorry ass prick and don't pay for the ticket. Kick his loser ass out of your house. It will suck in the short term but your life will be better for it.

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don't pay his tickets. make him and hide your cards/cash and let him go to jail for not paying his own damn tickets

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You and that bitch in the pic are UGLY as F**k Haha

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Wow... You're a dick they're like ten..

…You didn't see us alone in the south passage. She expressed her true feelings for me."

Jumped up, scruffy looking nerf herder!!!

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You're a doormat -- you deserve to be walked on. Now, grow a spine and kick that low-life parasite to the curb. I can't promise that you could do any better than this loser, but you certainly are better off alone than with this shiftless, entitled leech sucking you dry!

Damn. And I thought DocBastard was good at reaming.