By ihatetheholidays
Today my boss informed us that there were no more single shifts we were all working doubles until further notice. Also there’s a way for us to “earn” a half day but we have to out sell everyone else in the office to get it. So being new I haven’t had time off in two weeks... FML
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By  Blunt person  |  16

Oh you "poor" thing. No time off in 2 whole weeks? How ever will you live?

Get over yourself. There are people who literally never get time off. Quit bitching and do your job like the rest of the world.

By  Chris Ratliff Jr.  |  8

If your in the usa the federal labor laws say they have to give you two days off per fortnight (no not the game) and to work you every day of the week like that they have to inform the department of labor and get permission. They can only have you work like that for couple of times a year (I think a total of a month or two a year). My uncle works for a auto manufacturer and told me about how they have to do that to have them work the month straight a year that they do.