By Anonymous - 27/12/2015 02:07 - United States - Albuquerque

Today, my friend insisted I wear her brand new hoodie for the day. When I gave it back after a few hours, she said she just needed it stretched and couldn't find someone fatter to stretch it for her. FML
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That's a fucked up thing to say, she doesn't seem like a very good friend.


Ex-friend I would assume.

Man, first comment out of the gate


Are you sure she's your friend?

What an ass. You should smear it with shit.

I don't know why this is down voted!?!

Mathalamus 24

Because it's utterly disgusting...

Disgusting? Yes. Called for? Absofuckinglutely.

That escalated way too quickly.

crackajak 15

Who shit on the coats?!

crackajak 15

Thanks for the down votes, It's a Dane cook reference, you petty imbeciles.

Dane Cook sucks, your welcome.

Short, sweet, and to the point....I like it.

Look on the bright side... you don't need to spend a good 30-80 bucks to get a good hoodie when you have body heat!

Wow. Fat shaming at it's finest

As a fat person I will tell you that is NOT fat shaming.

23, being fat doesn't mean you get to decide what is or isn't shaming for an entire community.

Not sure if I'd classify it as fat-shaming (fat-using?), but it is a shitty thing to do. OP needs a new friend.

With friends like that......

MzZombicidal 36

who needs anemones!

evank98 10

Just hope it didn't work...

That's really harsh! I'm so sorry OP

That's a fucked up thing to say, she doesn't seem like a very good friend.

Or even a good human being..