By TheSickness - 28/05/2010 04:15 - United States

Today, the girl that I fancy was sick and I offered to hug her, but she protested saying that she didn't want to get me sick. I told her, "If hugging you gets me sick, then I'll just have to deal with being sick." She gave me the biggest hug she could. I haven't stopped puking since. FML
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well go you for making her feel better at least. but that's the price we pay to impress girls lol

Fuhohoho!~ You asked for it, you deal with it!


awwww op that was sweet of u to offer but she did tell you what the outcome would be so ydi!!

you can puke together now... bonding moment ftw

oh my god bmasencamp you got number one. do you want a cookie??

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You got what you asked for, so ydi :]

I guess he was. *puts on shades*. love sick

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Lol omg 50 you are so funny I haven't heard that line in forever. You win for blatant originality.

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aawwww how cute. if my boyfriend did tht I would totally ask him to marry me.

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50 only cane( the dude with herashio as his pic) can do that.. u fail 4 copying him

you're from the US, OP. you don't "fancy" anyone.

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OP is making the rest pf us look bad. Now I gotta get my girl sick and hug her to measure up =P

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This is the price for chivalry, OP.

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Youre such a nice idiot. Anti flood should be removed.

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the things that guys do to be sweet to a girl.... end up being a test of will power!

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Maybe you two can puke together, at least that way you would have something to talk about.

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97: Antiflood should be removed? What, so you idiots can spam the crap out of the comments board? No thanks. Long live antiflood.

HAHAHAHAHAHA llcooljoey you just won bigtime

nice op Now u know she fancies u too atleast rite?

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Ask and thou shall receive.

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how sweet, now you can puke together in perfect harmony.

19&50 win... 50,000 POINTS FOR GRYFYNDORRRR!!!!!!!!! :D

ydi for using the word `fancy` in ur fml

Fuhohoho!~ You asked for it, you deal with it!

awww thats cute, buht ydi she told yuuh so(:

Yeah, I agree. OP, you can't really complain, you DID ask for it.

Lol, YDI. If someone is sick, you should keep your distance...

unless asking for a BJ, then you force them

Well YDI because you knew she was sick & a possibility to be sick. but it was also sweet so it balances out.


well go you for making her feel better at least. but that's the price we pay to impress girls lol

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Aw. At least you tried. Failed but tried. Maybe next time just give her a card... :)

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BTW. #9 is right. A hug won't get you sick where you are puking. That is caused by a virus that is hand to mouth/mouth to mouth transferred.

wait 50 was that a csi Miami reference???

This really isn't an FML. You chose to be gentlemanly and take the risk - now you're whining like a 4 year old. F HER L for being liked by someone without a backbone.

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"she protested" is where you lost the FML and it became a YDI. If someone is feeling sick enough to say no, don't hug me? You probably should listen to them...

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Aww, but that's really sweet. I'm sure she was impressed. But, FYL cause now you're really sick too. :(

WTF is she sick with? Bubonic-superAIDS? How can a hug transmit smth that totally ***** up your stomach?

She smelled that bad? Haha, joking.