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Today, I had to be the one to break it to my daughter that WWE fighting was staged. She began crying. However, last month she didn't shed a single tear at her grandmother's funeral. FML
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Beebow_fml 5

Wait 'til she finds out about Santa.

Well, was she close to her Grandma? Maybe you need to teach her what her priorities are.


Well, was she close to her Grandma? Maybe you need to teach her what her priorities are.

krazyvato 0

1 do nut teach them about they painting skills you not kno more okay? thankyou

yeah. wth was 16 trying to say. lol. *confused*

If she started crying and screaming, "WHYYY??!!", you should calmly said, "Because Stone Cold said so," and put on sunglasses and walked away in slow motion.

miamiheatfan56 0

7- You do know that there are female wrestlers that are married to men, right? l know plenty of females that enjoy wrestling (including myself), that are nothing close to being homosexual.

Yeah 51, because 7 was totally being serious with that comment... *facepalm*

If it is a young girl, it's not a matter of priorities. Kids don't always understand the permanence of death. Parents will sometimes say things like "Granny's gone to a better place" which doesn't sound sad at all. OP, why burst her WWE bubble? If she wants to believe it's real, let her unless she's hurting people. Even then, you can explain they are trained not to injure each other.

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chill out, if she's just a little girl then maybe she just doesn't know any better.

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People deal with death in different ways. It doesn't mean she doesn't care

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maube they didn't spend much together. clearly she loves WWE more. Yeah, you shouldn't have burst her bubble, unless she asked if it were real, then you'd have to tell the truth.

Well, not all people express true grief in tears. YDI for judging her for not crying when her grandmother's death could have affected her deeper than this superficial stuff. Seriously. Some people go into a shock mode and can't cry due to being numbed by grief. How could you as a mother not understand this? I'd give you 10000000000 YDI's for not being sterilized, you uneducated wench.

Poor girl. but hey! you should take this as an opportunity to tell her that santa clause, the easter bunny, and Slash arent real either

qwacktastick 8

WWE sucks! It's a disgrace to real grecko roman wrestling.

If someone close to me died, I'd be too shocked to cry. I'd I've seen my grandfather like... once? Sure I didn't cry at his funeral. I didn't even attend.

unoffensivename 0

You now why nobody watches Greco-roman? Because its boring as hell

Well, doing dirty deads to someone will knock them out, and an rko will kill your back and their face

Maybe if triple x dies she will shed a tear?

If Vin Diesel died it would be tears of joy.

Triple X, # 2? Freudian slip there, buddy?

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jake040 3

he corrected himself you cockmonkey

jake040 3

he corrected himself you cockmonkey

I know you down syndrome , did you not see me correct it? Retard.

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no, it's real so they are able to kill each other

tblax44 0

I hope your joking cuz it's quite obviously fake

ReynshineCutting 10

77 it's all staged and scripted but some of the moves like that are real. The guys just know how to take those hits without getting seriously hurt.

avatar0810 15

I don't know if the wrestlers very move is scripted for the match but as far as promos and stuff like that it's scripted. the moves they do are completely real they just have to do it without hurting each other. and if it wasn't scripted they'd still be wwf.

they had to change from wwf because that name was taken by the world wildlife foundation, or whatever that panda logo thing is. old wrestling was real like old ecw and raw, they actually would get busted open and have to get stitches, or getting whipped into barbed wire. now a days it's faker then breast implants.

NRA_advocate 5

watch beyond the mat it'll show you how they plan most things every move may not be planned but the winner always is

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you're stupid to think it's not staged. something's are real but they just know how to take a punch

133 that's what I was thinking. after I watched that I had to remember it on this fml.

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She definitely has her priorities straight. JK How old is she? If she's really young then she may not fully understand the concept of death

Veraymix 6

Indeed, 4. A lot of young children don't make that connection, but if she is that young, I doubt she should be watching WWE as well...

m0rgana 0

idk when I was 4 I watched WWE with my grandfather and enjoyed it

miamiheatfan56 0

45- I've been watching wrestling since I was 4, of course back then I didn't know it was staged. And it has gotten more kid friendly since then.

Veraymix 6

Mkay wasn't so sure. I've not watched it in years. What made me think of it as a possibly bad idea, was the idea of really young kids attempting harmful moves on each other. Or maybe that was just me. -cough-

miamiheatfan56 0

I was one of the kids that actually listened to the "dont try this at home." I agree that the kids might try the moves on other kids, bur fighting is everywhere. They have fighting in Spongebob now, Icarly, and every other show for kids.

That's exactly what I was going to say.. When my granddad died I was only 6 so finding out Santa didn't exist would have upset me more than that.

ReynshineCutting 10

Ya most kids definitely try or pretend to try those moves. My fiancé had to get stitches in his head as a kid once from a move gone bad. I just pretended with my brother. We used small pillows as chairs and couch cushions as tables. All in good fun.

avatar0810 15

Kids definitely do try the moves. im guilty of doing some of them myself but I can do an almost perfect rock bottom.

I have to ha. I got body slammed from a tall bunk bed -.- xD

wait Santa doesn't exist? crap there goes my hopes

just because she watches WWE doesn't mean she's a lesbian...i have watched wrestling since i was 5years old and play tv and pc games and i'm straight.

LolMoqz 10

Zeppelin is awesome! One of my favourite bands(:

The people saying OP's daughter a lesbian should grow some brains. She sounds like one of those girls who out-wrestles, out-run and out-smart boys her age. She would get teased by the boys and the girls would avoid her. Tomboy-ish? Yes. Lesbian? I don't see the link. However, quite often girls like her would outgrow this phase and turn out to be a beautiful, femine and elegant lady when they get older. I once knew a girl like OP's daughter, and now she's my girlfriend. :) Back to the FML. Like what many others have said, she might be too young to understand the idea of death, so don't feel too bad about it OP!

do you live in a southern hillbilly state

152 - Yea i heard you can find math whizzes only in China, tribesman only in Africa and druglords only in Russia.

Anyway 152 i was trying to break an illogical stereotype by sharing my personal experience and here you are posting another dumb one. If you had a happy childhood, actually had friends and not cooped up in your basement, i'm sure you've come across a girl like i mentioned. Stop trolling and get a life brah. :)

SpicyGrass 0

Ever consider the fact that the grandma may have been part of WWE and she had know it was staged then, and didnt cry because she was mad at her for doing staged fighting, and when told it was staged attempted to show sympathy to what she already knew, but nobody else knew that she knew!

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SpicyGrass 0

22 - I'm sorry, I forgot they removed "sarcasm" from the dictionary.

Dude, we're on the Internet, it doesn't work well.

your moms birth control didn't work well. sorry that's harsh

NirvantioNxTFR 1

People who can't tell when sarcasm is ******* obvious are retarded...

Swedude 5

22 - Ever considered spelling lessons?

symplyme 1

my daughters 4 and my son is 6 they both live WWE they cried when the power went out last night because of a storm not because they were scared but because they didn't get to watch it.

13- your kids sound like a nightmare. crying because they can't watch violence on tv? do society (and their futures) some good and have them read, or play, instead

ReynshineCutting 10

No her kids don't sound like a nightmare. Kids get upset when something they look forward to gets screwed up. They probably watch Monday Night Raw as a family activity every week. That doesn't mean they don't read or play. They may do what most parents (that I've met anyway and how mine did it) do and save reading for bedtime. The kids probably also played all day. Stop trying to tell people how to raise their kids in a situation where it isn't warranted.

dabears4life 0

well she did say it was storming at night time so I'm guessing outside wasn't an option and I couldn't read till I was 7 so some options just aren't there.

you were 15 when you had your son? nice going

Dallyni 22

I agree with 73.. Your kids sound like brats.

why are y'all being so mean to her, so what if her kids like it. ur kids would probably cry if it started raining and they wanted to go swimming cause it's fun for them and they like it, well that's how it is with her kids except with wrestling.

94 how do you know when she had her child?

73 - You can't really classify wrestling as violence as it is considered a sport. That would be saying fencing, boxing and other forms of martial arts violent too. WWE is just a more exciting, hyped and exaggerated form of the traditional sport.

91- why on earth would you ever "reserve" reading for any time of day, kids should be reading as much as they can! and I think that when a kid cries because they are denied a privilege, they are brats. when it's for something like wwe, that's a nightmare. 162- I'm a fencer.... and it IS violent. refined and controlled violence but the root of the sport is from DUELING so yes. it is violent. but it is also comparing apples to oranges. WWE is entertainment. fencing is sport. greco-roman wrestling is a sport. martial arts are sports. there is a degree of control and finesse that is simply not present in wwe

avatar0810 15

I don't see how it's lacking control and finesse unless the superstars are unable to perform their moves correctly and show off the correct amount.

qwacktastick 8

Oh my god, your kids are complete losers. They have already corrupted themselves and wasted their life. It's bad enough when someone depends on television that much, but when it's WWE...that is

qwacktastick 8

162 180 - I'm a Greco-Roman wrestler, this shit is nowhere near a real sport.