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  iNewKid  |  18

Okay, I don't get this.. Why'd you even help him in the first place?!
Edit: i found out later she must be working at a jewelry.

Still I'd not help that jerk..


I only said that because I thought you were an annoying Grammar Nazi. But I only just read the post above yours and realized your minor error wasn't nearly as horrid as his.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

He cheated, he doesn't have a heart to begin with. Anyone who cheats is selfish because if you aren't happy, try to fix things or move on and end it. Cheating is just dirty, selfish, lazy, and lustful. I will never understand the mind of a cheater.

  FMLTuna  |  6

OP take solace in the fact that he was unfaithful to you. You were (probably) a good wife who didn't deserve to be cheated on and you should feel good you have a clean conscience. He, however, has to live with the fact he is a cheater and will be reminded of that everyday he's with her. Really, you are the fortunate one in this situation; he's living with guilt and she's going to take vows from a man who has already broken them once. F their lives but you are great OP and you should feel good about yourself.

  DobGriffen  |  8

Well I figured she worked there but I'd think her boss would let someone else do it instead of her unless her boss being somehow unaware of her previous marriage..

By  BeforeItWasCool  |  12

Well if he was enough of an asshole to cheat, then you haven't lost much OP. Just remember, that girl is gonna spend the rest of her life with a cheat. She'll always know how they got together and I'm pretty sure it'll play on her mind. At least you're free to enjoy your life and find someone right for you now OP.

By  Nabee143  |  3

Wow! He is the definition of a douche bag! If it were me, I would've told him to fuck off and go somewhere else. Sorry OP, I know that was probably one of your worst days ever. Don't worry though, I'm sure your Prince Charming is just around the corner.