By krissy - 20/03/2011 21:40 - United States

Today, I found out that the sleazy guy I met with a few days ago decided to move into my home town to "be closer" to me. I've already told him I'm not interested in him, but he still continues to ask me out. FML
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That's really creepy.

An aggressive, firm kick in the nuts should most likely get your point across.


That's really creepy.

not only is it creepy, it just wrong.

i know how she feels, sooo annoying.

creepy to the next level

Ahahahaha, you kinda look like Rebecca Black :P

as long as you dont sound like her!

she doesn;t sound like rebecca black

I just googled her I do not look like her or sound like her. Thanks to you I now have that stupid song stuck in my head.

I want to cut that bitch's throat with a guitar string. I want to hit her with a truck even though I don't fucking drive. I would love to repeatedly stab her to the beat of her extremely annoying and retarded song. She's like a female version of Justin Bieber. And I don't give a fuck if I spelled his name wrong. I wouldn't learn how to spell his name correctly even if you made me listen to "Friday" by Rebecca Black for a week.

lol i just googled her too and she does not look like you...maybe its caus you have your mouth closed?

lol KingDingALing that's just torture. Oh and even with my mouth open I don't look like her I have braces.

wow ur beautiful O_O

You think that's torture? Walk into KaySL's house and he'll show you REAL torture. Believe me, I would many painful memories...*shudders*

lol I thought KaySL is a she.

i agree that song is horrible

guys stop hatein if you hate her that much don't listen to her, it's that easy not only is it easy its common sense

that song sounds like she threw up on the days of the week song. its almost like pop music was beat up by country music. every body gettin down on Friday was the only line changed and repeated like 12 times.

Persians for life!

I'm just sayin. shout out to kingdingaling for the best name of all time. hell I might make a kingdingaling2. jk

Yeah yeah, Rebecca Black sucks. But did you know that she's only 13? Poor kids got the entire internet world against her :/

haha 94, don't know if you noticed, but you actually did spell his name right :)


Kingdingaling, I have many memories from KaySl's house. But I wouldn't call them painful, just....interesting. Of course, he didn't know I was there.

ever considered therapy? you scare me dude

you spelled it right .. good job.

KingDingALing, you are freaking amazing.

I rather stick my dick in a blender than listen to rebecca black one more time. That song just ruined my perfect weekend.

dear god let's trade Justin beiber , rebbeca black , and lady gaga , some of our ( cough ) best artists for one James sullivan ? deal? ello? oh great he's ignoring me now


first? and sucks for you

Stalking is just another way to say I love you!!!!!!!

Exactly. So let me ask you out already!

No thanks I'm good

Be flattered your being stalked :P I would be :D

118 i want you to be my woman.

125, I want you to be my cuddle bear :D

Probably. But I'd feel so mean if I told them to go away in person :/ I'd probably leave a stickie note on their car asking them to stop haha :)

Agiggleaday, you are the nicest victim I have ever known of. I'm sure a lot of people would be honored to stalk you.

157, Why thank you :D I look at things a rather different way haha.

Haha your comment was moderated!

wat does moderated mean??

Get addicted to jb. This will scare him away for sure

No. Rebecca Black.

F both of 'em!

Okay WTF is up with Rebecca Black?!?! I only first heard about her today and I haven't been able to escape her name since!!!!

92 that's what I'm sayin!

haha I just heard her friday song for the first time today, the lyrics are hilariously terrible XD

Hahaha! lol that is so true.

it can always be worse :P

It's Texas the sleazy guy could be her brother ;)

She could have no arms and legs. That would be worse

An aggressive, firm kick in the nuts should most likely get your point across.

and little hands that grab and pull

Win to all if this, and with the shoes on fire AND with all of the above, it just might get her point across.

see u on Stalked: Someone's Watching

Restraining Order FTW

Someone can't take a hint!

I don't even think that is a hint

u gotta admire his persistence lol

hahaha make a good point

Serial killers are pretty persistent.

get a pet lion and see if this creepy guy still fucks with you. if he does, get a bigger lion!

Or a sex change. I'm just sayin'. It could work.

Not if he's bi...

Don't throw out the option of a liger.. They're real, you know.

Restraining order!

hahah ya that probably get him away for sure :)

she should start the paperwork now. at least the homicide detectives will have a suspect

ya got THAT right...

yea that definately sounds like a good idea...

Self defense classes?

yea self defense is good.