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  KingDingALing  |  9

I want to cut that bitch's throat with a guitar string. I want to hit her with a truck even though I don't fucking drive. I would love to repeatedly stab her to the beat of her extremely annoying and retarded song. She's like a female version of Justin Bieber. And I don't give a fuck if I spelled his name wrong. I wouldn't learn how to spell his name correctly even if you made me listen to "Friday" by Rebecca Black for a week.

  MrFlintstone  |  5

that song sounds like she threw up on the days of the week song. its almost like pop music was beat up by country music.

every body gettin down on Friday was the only line changed and repeated like 12 times.

  xdannyx117x  |  0

dear god
let's trade Justin beiber , rebbeca black , and lady gaga , some of our ( cough ) best artists for one James sullivan ?
oh great he's ignoring me now