Do I know you?

By steph2052 - 13/07/2011 00:51 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I came across the topic of school while chatting. He asked me what high school I went to and where I moved from. I have lived here my whole life, he was my crush for four years, and was in my classes throughout those years. He doesn't believe me. FML
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Get a yearbook out, show him your picture, problem solved.


maybe he was too concentrated on school like a good boy ;)

idk about you guys but I think this post is just so sweet. lol

allenye818 2

I totally agree! I would have been thrilled to end up with my crush even if it was post-high school. Op should focus on the bright side.

fthislyfe 22

Girl it's awesome you're finally with your crush!

I actually managed to get the guy of my dreams who never noticed me in high school. FML.

you gotta be kidding me getting in between him and his high school education...craziest thing I heard in a while...sheeesh

juicedboi 7

You were just another brick in the wall.

FMMFL1992 3

That's sucks but I agree, you ended up with your crush so it's ll good

dayshiayang 2

i knew that was tom as your picture! :D

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this is your boyfriend? and he didnt already know which school you went to?

u might of been ugly in ur high school years

You never learned to spell properly in your elementary years. Derp.

I dnt think so. if she was that ugly or stupid he wouldve defintly remembered her. I think she was a normal shy/reserved girl. or maybe her bf was too involved in sb else to notice her.

Get a yearbook out, show him your picture, problem solved.

26 we all know what you're trying to do but just stop it. Everyone makes spelling mistakes. Grammar Nazis are going to correct you no matter what. Hey, some might even correct me on a mistake on this comment but who cares? It's just a grammar Nazi.

Uhm.. I don't know about you but I think being corrected by a grammar just means you can't tell small differences in words which you should have learned in grade 3, so you should be glad someone is trying to help you.

Didn't you understand that he was high all that time?

How on earth do you crush on someone for four years, when they don't even know you? Were you crushing on him or stalking him?

The other person doesn't need to know you for you to have a crush on them...

Seems a little peculiar to crush on someone you've never talked to or hung out with.

Well at least you guys are together now and that is all that matters! Not many people notice EVERYONE their high school years.

foilindo 0

were you that bad looking that he didn't care to look?! wow. feel bad for you!! :-(

Today, my girlfriend and I were talking about our high school lives when I found out she was the creep who stalked me for all 4 years. FML.