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Today, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I went to tell my grandpa, who immediately said, "I'm sorry, let's go get ice cream to cheer you up." FML
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Awwww does he even know what diabetes is?

Probably just slipped out out of habit. When one of my friends is down we always suggest going out to get ice cream. Either that or he doesn't really understand what diabetes is.


Awwww does he even know what diabetes is?

A sense of humor, OP. Grow one. YDI for lacking one.

OBVIOUSLY g/p does NOT know what diabeties is. But he also obviously wants to cheer you up. Bless him. Tell him your blood has 'the vapors'.

This FML is so stupid. "Today my grandpa was sorry that I got diabetes and tried to cheer me up, FML" What would you rather him do? Would you rather him not care, or disown you before he has to pay for your medical expenses or some shit? God, stop being such a whiny **** and be glad you have a supportive family. Jesus christ.

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#40 when i came home with diabetes my brother was cleaning his room. he found an old m&m and offered it to me as a joke bc it was so old. i had just learned 3 days ago that i couldnt eat sweets again ever (luckily im on the pump now and can) but it made me cry. its not that the grandpas heart wasnt in the right place but it still stings. its ok op youll be fine =)

grandPA implying male. males don't listen. the dude just wants ice cream @ 40 - if you're diabetic it means you have to watch you blood sugar level. ice cream has alot of sugar that may put the OP in a diabetic shock

#43/52 - I know what being diabetic means. My point was that the OP should quit whining because the grandpa was attempting to be nice. I understand that going for Ice Cream isn't something the OP can do, but really, all you have to say is "hey grandpa, how about we go to subway instead?" or something instead of "waaa my grandpa is thoughtful"

I think everyone needs to chill the **** out. ha

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#75, he's not complaining about his grandfather doing something nice. he's upset because the ice cream would have cheered him up, but he can't have any. and to everyone who thinks he's being whiny, he just got diagnosed today (i know it doesn't mean today, but still), let him get time to get used to it. give him a break. OP, i feel for you.

#23 - Well, after finding out that you have diabetes, you probably are not going to be in a good mood...definitely not a joking mood. Especially within the same day!

YDI it for being a fagget american and getting diabetes

Bleh, sugar-free stuff tastes nasty. and it often has more carbs than regular food. and seeing how it's carbs, not sugar, that diabetics count, that's not so good. Besides, the sugar-alcohol in sugar-free stuff is realllllllllllly bad for you.

I hate how everyone assumes that diabetics are fat. I'm perfectly normal, except the insulin is causing me to gain weight :( And EVERYBODY should eat sweets in moderation :D

^ This guy. Yeah, you. Shut the **** up.

All these FML's about diabetes are made by illiterate fools who can't even read up the disease they've just been diagnosed with. A person with diabetes can eat anything a normal person can eat, he/she just needs to inject his/herself with insulin after it. This can be done either with a pump or with injection needles. Therefore this is not a FML this is just a kind grandfather and a retarded OP.

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that's type 1 there are other kinds ^^

Aw D: I'm sorrie OP This FML was posted on my birthday ehehehe

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<- thinks grandpa prob sad sugar free and op twisted it because he thought it would be a funny fml

There are different types of Diabetes, so it depends which type this person has and the person that said something about Americans and Diabetes, screw you.

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First off, I apologize for your diagnosis, I was diagnosed back in 2008 as well. Second, I think your grandfather was trying to be nice, Diabetics CAN eat anything, they just need to manually compensate for their sugar intake. Also, for the people who think diabetics are just obese people, I am 5'9 and weigh 130 lbs with 7% body fat. Just keep pushing through, a cure will be sure to come shortly

In the ice cream shop where I live there is some sugar-free ice cream, and it's the thought of your grandpa being as thoughtful to gt you ice cream :]

You can eat whatever you want with diabetes I have type 1

Diabetes is not that bad, been diagnosed since I was 6. At least we didn't get cancer

#111 shut the **** up and die in a hole. I'm a type one diabetic and I'm very healthy. I can eat whatever I want. It's not like one day I woke up and said to myself I want diabetes. It's not something you can stop. Even if its type 2 you can eat sweets here and there.


Hi! I'm Wilfred Brimley, and I have diabeetus. sorry OP...your granpa's heart was in the right place though...take some insulin and STFU.

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How the hell is this an FML in regards to your grandma? If anything, you should be glad she wants to treat you to something

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2 I thought that was going to be a nice comment but that was cold

my grandma has diabites she can eat ice cream it depends on what type u have

Probably just slipped out out of habit. When one of my friends is down we always suggest going out to get ice cream. Either that or he doesn't really understand what diabetes is.

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Don't worry; Diabetcs can still eat ice cream. Moderation is the key.

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Thank GOD you aren't an idiot and understand the whole diabetics can eat anything, no matter the type-thing.

#182 that's not true ik what it is and so do a whole shit ton of people so shhhhhhh!

I eat ice cream and I got a pretty sweet tooth; my control is the best in the county.

Aye, you can still eat ice-cream and such like - you just need to balance it with insulin and excersise. This is one of the things that pisses me off about peoples level of awareness about diabetes. To hear someone say "You're a diabetic, you can't be eating that chocolate bar!" in a shocked voice is annoying as Ken when you're hypo. The other annoying one is "Which diabetes have you got, the one with too much sugar, or not enough?". Having said that, I dont know nearly as much as I should about other relatively common medical problems like epilepys, ****** up thyroids and all that jive - so I should probably be more tolerant of peoples lack of understanding. Enjoy the diabetes dude, it will kill you one day, but in the mean-time use it to your advantage ; insulin is a growth hormone, so couple that with the regular excersise your body will now need and you should be able to become a veritable tank of a man - if you're not already, that is.

diabetes is no fun... but you can definitely eat ice cream... and cookies... and cake... especially if you're type 1... anyway, good luck with it!

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i get that it doesn't mean he can't have any, but who really wants to **** up their pancreas the DAY they get diagnosed. and to everyone that actually has diabetes and is pissed at him, weren't you even a little like that when you got diagnosed? didn't you freak out about eating sweets and what-not? and either way, every time he has ice cream, he has to get an insulin shot...still an FML. seriously, guys, just cut the OP some slack

Wow. i would think that you would remember how hard that first day is. You don't know anything about what your body is going through, and you're scared.

It could have been Diabetic Ice Cream, and even if it's normal ice cream I agree with #6 it's still possible to have things with sugar in, just within the limits that a specialist doctor will set.

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Actually it is more likely to be wothin the limits of what their body sets. Diabetes is very different for each person. Most people seem to have a point that if they pass it, their blood sugar goes high regardless. If they stick under this point, the only thing that really matters is eating a healthy balanced diet. Diabetes is a bit of a strange condition. As you have to live with it 24/7 you quickly get a better idea of how things will affect you than the doctors do by looking at a piece of paper with numbers on it twice a year, meaning that to get good control you need to play a bigger part in your healthcare than with a condition where it is just a case of "take 1 of these twice a day and everything will be fixed"

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did you get diabetes because youre too fat? bc if so then ydi. if not then fyl

Screw you for the fat assumption. My cousin is thin like a stick and got diagnosed with it recently too.

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I agree with the whole fat assumption, but there are 2 kinds. The 'fat' diabetes he was dickishly referring to is Type 2 Diabetes (the pancreas still produces some insulin, but not enough to maintain proper blood sugar control)...which many people develop without being overweight. OP and your cousin are most likely Type 1 Diabetics (the pancreas is shut down completely and produces nothing). If your cousin is anything like me, which by you saying she is a stick...then she can probably eat whatever they want and never gain a single pound. This turns out to be a double edged sword. Like in my case, yes, I'm very skinny, but I'm very underweight, and because of it, have irregular menstrual cycles, can't carry a pregnancy to full term, am anemic, I bruise very easily, I need more sleep...and so on. So to all you people who say 'waa! You're skinny! Your life is soooo hard!!' Shut up. There are lots of health issues that come with being TOO skinny, and being unable to gain weight...and trust me...I've tried gaining!!

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#10, you're probably as fat as a rhino, so stfu Bitch.

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grandpa? icecream? how old are you?

You are never, NEVER, to old for ice-cream.