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Today, my fiancé — a top chef — called me at work to make sure I would be home on time for the extra special dinner he'd prepared for me. The occasion, as I later discovered, was the end of our engagement. FML
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  st0815  |  9

So what's the guy supposed to do? Call her up saying "I want to break up with you over dinner"? Then of course we'd see a FML posted "my bf broke up with me on the phone". Or not cook for her, then we'd see an FML about how her bf broke up with her and she didn't even get any food, despite him being a top-chef. Or write a letter, SMS, email or facebook message - than she'd post an FML complaining how he didn't even break up with her in person. If none of these apply, she'd post an FML how he broke up with her while she was dealing with a difficult situation at work or the death of a family member, at their 3 years and 7 weeks anniversary, after she run over a puppy or whatever .

Couples break up. You are not the right woman for him. That is the problem - and there is nothing at all he could have done to make that easy for you. How he broke up with you is just an irrelevant detail.