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OP here....yes, they are both female, and that’s kinda there way of doing things when pissed at a guy, fire away. Not the first time my ex has kicked me, hoping it was the last though. She got off the direct hit, the soccer player was kinda a graze, but they were so sore it felt like a direct hit. After walking funny for a day or so, all good now
By benjamins - / Wednesday 10 January 2018 09:00 / United States
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  bingofingo  |  5

You mean just like a man who drills his fist into a woman's stomach so hard she collapses and walks funny for a day for accusing him of cheating, to show her how his heart feels?

  FFAce  |  11

Don't be an idiot 2 wrongs don't make a right especially in this case where they're both girls. Only cowards hit women

  bingofingo  |  5

Why? Are women mentally disabled and don't know what they're doing?
Are they like children who can't be held responsible for their actions?
Are they mentally too weak to deal with the same pain as men?
What exactly makes them more precious or innocent than any other person who attacks any other person?
Why should someone have compassion with a person who is guilty of assault, when they in turn get assaulted?

  withered  |  29

Nah. I guess people disliked your comment because it gives a vibe of bitterness. It makes it seem like you are very dissatisfied with being single and are looking for "pro" perks.

  withered  |  29

Sorry, I will try to explain it in a more simple matter so you can understand it. It looks like you are a person who is very unhappy and bitter about being single and it makes it seem like you are saying things like that to reassure yourself and make yourself feel better about being single. Does not seem like a comment that would come from a person who is actually happy about being single but more like a comment that would come from a person desperately trying to get a partner all the time and still being single.

By  PenguinPal3017  |  18

It's pretty messed up that we live in a society where violence against men is normalized. These women should both get criminal records.

  withered  |  29

Tbh we do not know that they are both female. The firend's gender was not specified. Not that the gender matters in any way. He should call the police regardless of their gender.

By  Lobby_Bee  |  16

For someone that is angry at you, they sure love to touch your magical bean bag. Joking aside, you really need to get it looked at by a doctor. That flap of skin isn't much protection.

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