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Today, some obnoxious guys started calling me ugly. I tried to ignore them and be the bigger person. That's pretty hard to do when they start throwing rocks at you. FML
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Aww that's terrible. I hope you find the bastards and charge them with battery. Good luck =/

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but words really ****ing hurt.


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@28 hey don't be a douche bag you're probably an ugly ******, don't judge people based on looks!

#37, I ******* hate people who take shit way too seriously like you. Learn to take a ******* joke. Just so you know.

#41? you're a twat. if you really think that what #28 said was funny, then I hope some day, someone comes up to you and starts throwing rocks at you, and I hope that they say "hey, you're ugly, it's your fault." i love you THAT MUCH.

Hey, I'm not attacking OP. Neither did I think what #28 was "laugh out loud" hilarious. But seriously, if he makes a comment like that I'm pretty sure he's not being intentionally malicious. Then #37 comes here huffing and puffing about it without any sort of sense of humor. It's just the ******* Internet. Why are you guys treating it like it's such srs bsns?

Sticks and stones may break my bones but calling names wont hurt me........ DAMMIT FYL O and EITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waaiiiit how do you spell 8th? someone help me out it doesnt look right. Thankyou

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It's your fault for being in the third grade.

No im serious, how do you spell 8th Any sensible answers please?

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Hey guys, cool it on the harsh words. ;-)

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This is one of the few true FMLs on this site. Report him for assult and get him sent to jail.

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you shouldve called the police for harrassment

Aww that's terrible. I hope you find the bastards and charge them with battery. Good luck =/

): *hug* That's terrible. I hope you charged them. Chances are you aren't the only one they've harassed.

so you're ugly and a pussy? be a little assertive.

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**** you you damn heartless ******.

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Hmm, a bunch of guys with rocks vs. one girl who (no offence) is probably not in the best shape. Yeah, no those aren't good odds...

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Um, ugly =/= fat or out of shape. I love how whenever someone starts a sentence with "no offense..." it's always insulting.

i agree with alexandraa. it is terrible that this happened, but it probably wouldn't have if she didn't try to be a "biggger person"


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...She was trying to be the bigger person by ignoring them -_-

#141 & #6: You're joking right? I didn't know it was possible for a person to be that unintelligent and dense.

*blink blink* Why the hell didn't you call the police and have them arrested for assault or battery? They tried to ******* stone you!

Hey, good point. They won't look so pretty themselves after spending a night with Bubba & Co.

Exactly. I know I'd have called the cops. Don't worry about those guys though. You're not trying to date them, so their opinion of you doesn't matter.

**** calling the cops. That was a situation that a quick eye gouge and kick to the groin would've solved.

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throwing rocks? That's some kind of ugly.

The question is were they large rocks or pieces of pea gravel? I'll admit it's a dick move either way, but tossing gravel is very different from hurling boulders. I assume OP said something like "sticks and stones" and then they decided to be cool and throw rocks. Thus, OP, YDI for not saying something better like "pillows and chocolate."

Please stop bitching at me over the Internet. Don't you have something better to do? Also, you're /an/ idiot. Lrn2grammar if you're going to call someone an idiot.

whats wrong with all you people?? IS it not obvious that this person is probably in middle school? when else do you find a group of guys that throw rocks and call someone ugly? she probably didn't "Call the police" because in this case it would be "TELLING THE TEACHER" and shes prob smart enough to know they would just hassle her even more for being a tattle tale and its easier to just let them get bored and move on to a new victim. 12 year olds have computers too. this person is probably young. try to remember what it was like to be that age you idiots. God people on here are soo dumb

So she's supposed to take a pummeling of rocks each day until they eventually get bored? ..

kids get bored fast.. if she learns to go run and tell the teacher every time someone is bothering her she'll never get anywhere. in the real world, theres always gonna be an annoying bully trying to bring you down, and you can either ignore them, and they'll realize they cant get a rise out of you, or you can get mad every time they do something to you-- which they will love and find fun and want to keep doing. like i said- if she doesnt give them the reaction they are looking for, KIDS GET BORED FAST and will find someone who will react.

Oh, yes, we're so intellectually inferior to you, oh grand supreme master of wisdom! I had my piccolo hammered flat, my dorm room trashed, and a brick thrown at my head two years ago. Why? Because I refused to have sex with a guy I had befriended in the common area of the dining hall. What grade was I in? Freshman year of college. And I don't care if you're 12 or 32, if someone is pelting you with ROCKS that could potentially IMPACT YOUR SKULL AND KILL YOU, you report it! Tell your teacher, tell the police, tell whoever the **** can stop the bastards from causing you serious harm. When you say people on here are "soo dumb", please include yourself among the "people".

I agree though, that if someone is annoying you, you should ignore them. They'll eventually tire of it and move on to their next victim. But when the threat of bodily injury is involved, you don't dick around.

Umm.. you obviously have your OWN issues. Try leaving them out of this discussion cause we're talking about kids. Thats why this is marked under the "Kids" category. Most kids I know don't hurl boulders. They throw little stones to be annoying. Stop taking your own issues out here and talk about the real issue at hand here. obviously assume things. The word "rock" is not the same as the word "pebble", and for good reason. A rock is generally larger than three inches in diameter, up to the size of a softball. And even a small stone can cause serious injury if it hits the right area of the body. I've known people to have an eye put out because of an inch-large chip of stone, even. This could also be marked under "kids" because maybe the ANTAGONISTS were the children. Who knows, they or the poster could be children or teenagers. The FML did not specify. So no, it is NOT "obvious" that the poster "is" in middle school. You ASSUME that the antagonists are throwing tiny little pebbles. You ASSUME that the poster is a child. And you ASSUME that because I DON'T assume, I'm the one with issues. What a leap of logic you've made, my dear! Stop acting so high and mighty, and you might get a lot farther in life, because most people I know don't appreciate a "little snot-nosed brat" attitude.

But, enough bullshitting around about who's the most knowledgeable or immature, it's pointless. Assumptions are pointless, acting like an ass because of assumptions is pointless, so how about we both find a better FML to complain about and comment on. Because I'm sure we both have better things to do with our time, right? Oh, wait....we don't...that's why we're both wasting time and energy on this website verbally shitfucking each other.

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When I was in middle school and people attacked andv harrased me I (guess what!?!?) told the VICE PRINCIPAL! Guess what I'm now a senior in high school, the guys who comitted said offences have left me alone for 5 years. They got a week of in-school detention each and had to eat lunch in the office for the next month. "telling the teacher" worked out pretty well for me, and probably will too for OP What does OP mean anyway?

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OP means Original Poster. ;-)

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that's not entirely true though, I'm 15 and a sophomore in highschool. guys did that to me last week. except it wasn't rocks, it was beads, paper balls, and shoes at a school pep rally. the worst part? I don't even know them. and im not ugly, I'm fairly decent. some guys can be very immature

I'm in middle school, all you need to do is stand up to the people doing it. A couple of months ago my life sucked so much that I was almost suicidal. I stood up to the kid in front of the class and now everything's great because no one else wants to pick on me.