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Today, I had my final economics exam, and needed to ace it, or else I would fail the entire module. After studying all day yesterday, and pulling an all-nighter today, I managed to pull it off and get a perfect score. Unfortunately, my teacher didn't believe that it was possible, and accused me of cheating. Now I may be thrown out of college. FML
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You can't be thrown out of college unless she has proof, if you didn't cheat, she probably won't have proof. They might ask you take another test to prove you know the material, so be prepared for that.

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a perfect score is hard to believe

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Zazu: Cheetahs never prosper. And it's kind of hard to believe that all this happened in one day.

haha loser u may not be the "prefect student"

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Sue who for what? A similar thing happened to me with the SATs. My score wasn't perfect but it was extremely high. I had to retake it and I did even better the second time around. They will probably give you a chance to retest before they toss you. Good luck.

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#42 People fail to realize that just because it starts with "Today" that it actually happened today. Not many people say, "Wow, FML. I think I'm gonna post that. 1 sec."

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well u can ask him if he can prove it, if u didn't cheat then he'd prolly stfu amd get on with his life or give u a retest

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Fortunately for you, people can't base expulsion based decisions on "Well I THINK he cheated". She needs to have caught you in the act for it to hold ground. You seriously need to take it up with the head of the dept. If your professor IS the head of the dept...well that's just bad luck. But yeah, if you had to ACE it just to pass it, chances are you failed everything else in the class whether it be homework or quizzes, and getting a perfect score after failing everything else? That's something I would find hard to believe myself. While I agree that you life is ******, you did set yourself up for it.

the OP might not have cheated, they might just be rather lazy in class, then pull off stunts like this - guys I know do it (Jammy gits hehe)

It's almost like every fml has to start with 'Today,' despite the actual timespan.

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I AM NOT calling fake, but doesn't this fml sound familiar?

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it does sound familiar *detective music plays*

it sounds like a freakin movie i've seen. but if you actually did get a perfect score then nice man XD

adriiana1019 0 does sound familiar this isn't the first fml like this there are plenty of other ones some are from kids in highschool this one Is from college and others are from work I think they are fake! or least one of them has to be true though

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yeah *** HIS life. how in hell is it possible that he has a FINAL in the end of feb?

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it's ******* COLLEGE, Einstein. Classes don't always start in September...

It's the quarter system. Finished my last final today.

he can't tell you that you cheated unless he actually catches you and have evidence that you cheated... tell him he fails at life for me

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He just doesn't realize Op's potential to study and do his best. He's one of those teacher's who see nothing in the students and think that they will always fail or do badly.

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A royal pain in the ass but unless he has proof that you cheated...

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He crammed for a day and a half...not exactly a long time spent studying, especially since he already admitted needing to ace the exam to PASS the class. OP, while I'm not saying you didn't pull it off, you've gotta admit that failing a class up to the final and then acing the final would very likely draw the attention of the professor.

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thats got to suk big time. especially after studing for soo long

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You can't be thrown out of college unless she has proof, if you didn't cheat, she probably won't have proof. They might ask you take another test to prove you know the material, so be prepared for that.

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FYL That teacher must have one helluva grudge against you! My teacher (Magos) in 4th grade hatied me for god knows why, and never accused me of cheating. Even the one time I did! ;)

was it on a spelling test and the word was hated?

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4th grade? Are you like 10 or some thing?

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That is the gayest thing ever, I'd be soo pissed if I worked so hard for something and just ended up being labeled a cheater. Fyl

Not sure what any of this has to do with homosexuality but alright...

Yeah seriously. How is this homosexual in any sense of the word?

Ask her to find the evidence. You can't just call someone a cheater.

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ya! like police need proof to call someone guilty

yeah...the police CAN'T call someone guilty...they can arrest you but the courts decide guilt.

Hey! There can only be one monkey on the comment page! Which is me!

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**** that your teacher can't prove that you cheated because you you didn't cheat. tell your teacher to prove that you cheated or your teacher can't do that. don't let that stop you from getting to a college you want.