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Today, after nearly a year of headaches and fuzzy vision, I went to the eye doctor. It turns out I've had my contacts in the wrong eyes for a year. FML
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TO ALL YOU PEOPLE ASKING WHY I WAITED: I'm at college and I still depend on my parents' income. I basically get one eye doctor visit a year because it's what we can afford. Alright, people?

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zingline89 18

I had a similar problem, but with my car. After years of constant accidents and high insurance premiums, I realized I've been driving in reverse the whole time.


StalkerChick 13

Probably no insurance. My ear piercing got infected and I couldn't go to the doctor because it cost too much. I had to wait until the health clinic at my college opened for the semester.

Yeah, but usually, the optometrist will tell you to come in within the next few weeks if you're still having trouble with your vision, and they'll check it out free of charge. I can't imagine why OP would wait almost a year.

StalkerChick 13

Well in that case, I don't know either. I guess being able to see isn't that important to him/her.

Inheritance 10

I had the same problem as you OP. Though my brother swapped mine around, but I did realize it after a couple days. So not as severe.

debbster7 18

If you have crappy insurance like me then you can only go to the optometrist once a year.

crazytwinsmom 25

After a couple of days I'd be checking and try switching them myself just in case. Can't make it any worse.

bigtaytay 13

My question is why were OP's contacts in for a year straight?

They weren't. He was putting them in the wrong eyes for a year.

klol_fml 11

I agree, you should have contacted the optometrist earlier.

I don't get how op spent a year without trying switching lenses to test a difference.

Lets wait forever before we realize we have a problem that just got worse. It is easy to screw up your eyes sight. If you closed one eye for a long period of time it eventually becomes weaker which is why you really shouldn't wear an eye patch for too long even though this had nothing to do with an eye patch.

Good health insurance.... Canadian perks

Contacts in wrong eyes? I don't get it. How many pairs of eyes does he have? :x wouldn't it be wrong contacts in his eyes and not wrong eyes? I'm only slightly confused

121- OP is saying that they have a different prescription for each eye, so their contact for their left eye is different from the one for the right eye. That being said, OP has been wearing the left contact in the right eye, and the right contact in the left eye..

blcksocks 19

I don't see how OP doesn't deserve this one. Even if they didn't have insurance, the follow-up visit to check how the contact lens fits is usually free anyways...

simron_15 3

Maybe OP had to wait that long?

flipfloperson 5

58- I wasn't going to correct you for saying "anyways" instead of "anyway", but then I checked your profile and saw that you misused "their" and "you're."

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I can't help but wonder why common sense is so uncommon. It's pretty sad. Where's the **** I'm stupid app when you need one?

fernclogger 5

Maybe with the headaches, but really why wait so long if your vision is ****** up?

Maybe the OP's insurance only covers a yearly visit and he/she couldn't afford it without the insurance.

Why didn't you realize this sooner? On my contact prescription, there's some information that tells which contact goes into which eye.

Not to mention; usually the prescription is different, so you should be able too tell cause it's blurry or not as clear. I've put mine in the wrong eye before and it was funny inward vision, really odd angles to things. If they are soft contacts, each month you replace them they're color coded to tell you which eye. Otherwise I'm sorry OP, that your eyes are close to the same prescription to where you didn't notice right off.

What baffles me is the fact that OP never noticed how the blurriness stopped when they took the contacts out, or how they never thought of switched them around, just to see if it helped.

What a cornea pun, but you hit the nail retina head with it. Iris I could've come up with something better.

That retina pun was a bit of a stretch. But I found it pretty witty.

You've got some optic nerve telling me that, but im glad you see the aqueous humour in my puns. OK, I really don't think I can come up with any more!

21- eye think you just need to give it some thought.

I think you just have to make the right accommodation for these puns. I think their humor is right off the amsler grid. Just taking A-scan through the comments and they have the best jokes. Don't worry, its just an astigmatism about puns, not everyone gets them. I have binocular vision for jokes like that, however, despite the blind spot most have. Cone you make any more puns? I really love them.

kellygirl83 11

Wouldn't you notice some improvement in your vision when you took your contacts out?

Driblets 8

Not really, that it what contacts are for. When she took them off she would have more blurry vision I have no clue about the headaches though because I dont have headache problems. We need a doctor!

Driblets 8

Wow I butchered my comment. I meant is, not it and I meant vision problems, not headache problems

kellygirl83 11

Usually if you put your contacts in wrong it makes your bad vision even worse instead of better.

When I don't wear my glasses or when each eye had a separate prescription and I switched contacts, I would get a headache. I don't really know what causes it, I guess straining your eyes so much cause the headaches. Luckily now I have -4.75 in both eyes so I don't have to worry about confusing my contacts

Driblets 8

Ahh okay, as I said I don't have vision problems so I wouldn't know what it feels like / looks like. Thank you though, we learn something new everyday, right? ;)

Driblets 8

This stoops me, why is 7's comment being thumbed down? I think I. Should be thumbed up

Driblets 8

It... Not I. I hate typing on the iPod

I'm guessing from people who don't understand it, and in turn, think it's a dumb idea. It's really not; like i said, I had different prescriptions at one point and there really is a difference when you switch contacts. If you're using one too strong for your eye, it's extremely "magnified" looking, while the one that isn't strong enough for the eye leaves it blurry. Once they're taken off, your vision improves in a way; you can't see better, obviously, but it's better than having them switched. That's what I think 7 means, but people are assuming she meant that having no contacts would have improved her eyesight.

kellygirl83 11

70- that is exactly what I meant. Thank you.

I have no idea why this is getting such a negative response. I have contacts and since I am far sighted, when I take my contacts out I can see perfectly fine at reasonable distances. If I put my contacts in the wrong eyes, my vision would be notably better after taking the contacts out. While there is no way of knowing whether the OP is also farsighted, Kellygirl83's suggestion is a possibility.

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I bet you didn't SEE that coming.

zingline89 18

Good morning! (But seriously?, u cud not have checked earlier?) YDI

But seriously? You couldn't take the time to spell out the words you, and could?