By TwinDad - 14/05/2009 15:24 - United States

Today, one of my three-year-old twin daughters asked, "Dad, can we get a cat?" I replied in a gentle dad voice, "No, honey, dad is allergic to cats. That means they make him sneeze and sniffle. So we can't get a cat. Sorry." After a slight pause, the other asked, "When you die can we get a cat?" FML
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Curtieeeez 0

Hehe, cute! She's only three, so I wouldn't take her too seriously :3


lmmmr 0

They make medicine for that.

yes but you dont know how bad the allergy is. i am allergic to dust mites in general and cats are a huge source of those. even with medicine and no cats i can never breathe through both nostrils at the same time. you can imagine what a cat would do to me. maybe it is the same for him.

YDI for doing the hokey pokey in the car YDI for talking to your daughter. YDI for being allergic to cats. YDI for driving a car.

kisalycorsis34 0

I just love how every word you type is complete and utter bullsh*t.

he should sleep with his eyes open now.

Curtieeeez 0

Hehe, cute! She's only three, so I wouldn't take her too seriously :3

ArielTheMermaid 17

that's what I was gonna say! :o but anyway, you can't take her seriously, op, she is only 3....well actually she's probably 5 or 6 now......

Well there is such thing as allergy medicine and at that age you just have to laugh they don't really know what death means

summerguy97 16

They also have genetically modified hypoallergenic cats.

you deserved that!!! it means you must suck as a father if your kids want a cat over you just go die now, thats what your kids want

#7 the same can be said to you, but replace kids with the world. Anyways don't take it too seriously. It's just a kid being silly. =P

dude, she's 3, chill the **** out YDI for caring this much

Jeeze #7, relax. What's wrong? You couldn't have a puppy cause your mom was allergic so you've been harboring hatred for her all these years?