By Wally - 04/01/2010 17:52 - Mexico

Today, I'm in Mexico and am supposed to be skydiving for my Christmas gift. Instead, I'm coming out of the hospital with x-rays, an ankle splint, and a $800 bill because I fell on the bottom step of a flight of stairs. FML
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Sounds like you aren't skydiving material anyways.


if you fell on the BOTTOM step then surely it wouldnt be that bad...

You can snap a leg falling off a kerb, is not the height of the fall, more the angle than anything else.

What in the **** is a kerb? Also, at least you now know you probably weren't properly mentally equipped for that kind of activity anyway.

A Megalithic architectural stone ring - Duuuuh!

Actually, I tripped over a 3 inch curb, broke my ankle and tore the ligaments. So, yes, it could be that bad from falling on a bottom step, especially because they are usually more than 3 inches.

*And I assume. Because your sentence made no sense 'Grammar Police'.

14, you should feel stupid, they were correcting somebody by telling them to use an instead of a.

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Use capitals, and quotation marks, "Grammar Police" '"[A]n", not "a."' =)

not only are you hurt you have to use mexicos health care it keeps gettin worse

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Are you a redneck by any chance?

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Epic Fail? More like Epic Fall. lol

Going to Mexico to skydive? Should have just jumped off your roof with a bedsheet, would have been just as good.

yeah Skydiving in Mexico sounds dodgy. Mabye, if you ended up skydiving, you would have died. You should never cut corners when it comes to stuff like Bungee Jumping or Skydiving.

Eh. I know several mexican tandem instructors, and they are just as safe as any of the other tandem instructors. But really, unless they give you gloves and you bundle up, I know in Texas it's freakin' cold at altitude... You would be miserable under canopy. I guess it depends on where you are in Mexico. But you should know there are no USPA dz group members in Mexico... Just try to find someone USPA certified. And for all of you boring people who are scared of skydiving... You are more likely to have an accident driving than you are to have an accident skydiving. Just be smart about it. Wait till summer. Better weather.

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Did you ever think those stats are biased? More people drive than skydive. Therefore... 50000 people could crash in a week... Out of 567864378 who drove that week. 3 skydivers could die in a year.. Out of 1000 who did so.

Perhaps, but there is bias in everything, even in car wrecks and fatality stats for driving. The people in skydiving who die are the people who do something stupid, like do a performance turn at a low altitude. The people who jump out of the plane before the green light goes on.... The people who do turns at low altitudes. The people who lose altitude awareness. The people who do full turns at altitudes under 100 ft. Yes, I repeated the same thing three times. Because that is the main cause of skydiving fatalities. Gear malfunctions resulting in death are extremely rare. They happen, due to bad pack jobs, due to not maintaining your gear, etc. But both main and reserve parachutes failing is extremely rare. You are more likely to have a fatal car accident due to the car malfunctioning than a parachute malfunctioning, which is the majority of people fears. Remember Fight Club. If A+B+C= < the cost of a recall, they won't do it, even if they know something is wrong. Tandems are really quite safe, and a lot of fun. You really don't have to worry if you just want to do a tandem. You start worrying about fatality statistics when you strap that kite to your own back, instead of strapping a man on your back with a kite on his back. :)

Sounds like you aren't skydiving material anyways.

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My sentiments exactly, Ninjaface.

I concur. But I just happen to have bigger balls than most people. (Please note: I am a chick. These are metaphorical balls.) 28 jumps since August 09. I would be doing more, but I lack the funding.