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Today, I walked into an elderly man's room in the hospital I work to give him his food. After he struggled to sit up, I noticed his hand move down towards his crotch. He looked me straight in the eye and said, "I have to do this to my scrotum because it gets sweaty and sticks to my leg." FML
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iamabamf tells us more.

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After reading all of your comments, I'd just like to verify that I'm only 15. I've been working at the hospital for about two weeks now. I did help him sit up, with the help of another CNA. I certainly laughed it off, but I didn't actually think this was going to be posted! :)

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I guess you could say he had the... balls to say it!

Let me get this straight, you watched him struggling to sit up (without apparently helping him out) and then you got offended because he is having natural body issues? I don't think the hospital is the right place for you to work OP...


Props to him for saying "scrotum." What a gentleman.

FML is the reason we know old people can also be corrupted

I have this problem every other day,can't blame him.

if you want a different interpretation here's one: OP walked into the room and the elderly man's hand moved down to his crouch. OP was then so disgusted (and so quick to jump to conclusions) that they looked at the man funny, possibly even telling him something about it. The man then had to explain himself to OP to stop them from falsely judging him. it all depends on how you look at things!

Better than getting jerked to by an old man

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Over the years they drop. Back in Vietnam they were above his kneecap! Oh the Good Ol Days

My grandfather would always give me "Back in 'Nam" or "back in my day" stories -.-

You should've listened to him. Those are stories of history and the Vietnam veterans aren't going to be around to tell their stories forever.

"Reaches for crotch" it's because I'm sweaty *wink*

i'm sure he doesn't want to risk pinching his balls, i feel bad for him if anything

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I'm a guy, it happens more often than you think. it's a real problem.

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One could almost classify it a pandemic

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It's not a disease though, so why would it be called a pandemic?

I've been caught at least a dozen times doing the same thing. Balls are sticky, especially if you groom at all. I'd rather look like a perv than sit on my nuts....and now for something completely different!

82, I thumbed you up for the Monty Python reference.

I feel more sorry for the patient than op. That can't be comfortable.

Well every guy gets BSTL. Some just don't know how to "handle" it properly.

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34, your BSTL acronym is great!

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Sigh... Ok. I'll bite (not literally, ew) I get the Ball Sweat, but what's the TL ??

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