By sad - 07/09/2011 05:05 - Canada

Today, I left my book on the plane after I'd finished reading it. The flight attendant thought I'd forgotten it, so he chased me through the airport, past security, past customs, and past baggage claims. I didn't have the heart to tell him I left it on purpose. FML
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Poor guy

L1v3_L0v3_Lau9h 18

Why'd you leave the book on the plane?


Poor guy


next time throw it out.

There's a lot of people chasing each other lately. *o*

Yeah :c

liggity 1

F the attendants life for chasing you down for nothing. If this is what makes your life ****** u have it pretty good!

LiveLaughFML 10

you should have explained to him slowly that it was Twilight. of course you wouldn't want it!

BellaBelle_fml 23

^Then why would he read it in first place?

Maybe he's just doing his job. That could've been a safety hazard on the plane - a baggage that no one claims could be a ----?

... a what? banana? goat? a stripper? WHAT DAMNIT WHAT! the suspense is killing me!! Op, atleast you didn't kick him in the groin and report him to the cops for stealing your stuff.

Yeah he's an asshole.

GlitteryMasakali 1

He was probably attracted to you, otherwise no one really cares or wastes their time.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I'VE HAD IT WITH THESE MUTHA FUCKING BOOKS ON THIS MUTHA FUCKING PLANE. EVERYBODY STRAP IN! We're about to open some ******' windows. (announcer guy)Books on a plane. Coming to a theater near you.

@65 I agree with you... Since the security laws are so tight now..... Why would you leave it on A plane? Donate it to charity so less privlidged people can read it... It would have just got thrown out anyway.

Hahaha You made my cheeks hurt from laughing!

I honestly don't see what the FML is. You left a book behind and someone gave it to you. The guy was probably happy to have "helped" someone.

ChiFan96 3

What were ya reading there? Twilight?

I really don't see the FML here. The guy was giving you back your book and you accepted. He was probably happy that (in his imagination) he helped make a person's day better.

More like FHL.

I bring Twilight with me whenever I ride in planes; there is always the possibility that the plane runs out of toilet paper. You never know.

^^ win

leftyy 0

gee, it woulda been nice if they woulda done the same thing with my DS. :/ what airline do you fly? im switching pronto.

"Today, a woman left her book on my plane. Bieng a good samaratin, i chased her all the way out to give her her book. As i was handing it to her, she said she left it on purpose. FML

Gruv3r14 1

87- I pissed myself I was laughing so hard.

Considering you are in Canada, I'm assuming it was WestJet. :) Best airline out there with the best service. :)

#175 Cheers.

I could imagine that...

GrammarNazzzzzi 6

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Was that necessary 67?

GrammarNazzzzzi 6

It sounded funny in my head

67-- When you get moderated, it only says, "Comment Modereted," in italics. But, I suppose, for you, it should say, "Comment Moderated for being a dochebag."

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How am i being a douchebag?.....douchebag!

thesunsetglow_fml 8

Of course, it's freaking Canada. :)

I want to know what the book was about...

Aw, me too, I'm glad OP didn't tell the flight attendant.. It would've just pissed him off. All that for nothing. It was great of him to do that. But what's with everyone saying they just leave books? I read a lot of books and even if they suck, I've never done that. Donate it to the library or something. Don't expect other people to deal with your shit for you.

That was a dick move on your part OP. -.-

What a Good Guy Greg, amirite?

I agree with abbyeliz, planes are always cleaned up and checked before taking on a new load of passengers. It's not like leaving a newspaper on the bus or train for someone else. What you did is just littering.

And it turns out it was a sky mall.

That makes so much sense! Hahaha only a Canadian would do that for a book! They're too nice haha

L1v3_L0v3_Lau9h 18

Why'd you leave the book on the plane?

conan13_fml 0

Maybe because OP was traveling they didn't want to carry any extra baggage. The less you bring the more room that you have in your bags for other things.

robc32ca 4

Maybe the OP was brought up to leave things behind and never clean up after herself.

could be like when my Grandmother went to India. My grandmother was reading a book, but bought another version of it to take on her trip. Whilst she was on a bus in India she finished the book but because she already had a version of it at home, she left it on the bus. But the conductor found her and gave it back to her :L. That happened 3 times in total :L.

cc_the_beast 6

You pay it forward friends. I leave my newspaper on the bus...


3- OP got to the part where Edward started sparkling.

OP was on a plane.. must hav figured the next person wouldn't mind something to read..

GoArmy6624 7

We gotta get these mother f***ing books off this mother f***ing plane!

fatme2012 7

I find that odd, I would never leave my beloved books on a plane. -_-

GrammarNaziFTW 0

32 - cool story bro

free2speak 14

This only makes sense if the flight had a connecting route and there were still passengers waiting on the plane to go to the next destination and OP left the book for the next passenger who would come. If the plane has reached it's last destination, then the planes would have been cleaned for the next trip of passenger and the book would have been thrown out anyway. It would have been much smarter and sensible for OP to have left it in a coffee shop (which is where the tradition originally started) or even just the airport's coffee shop.


124, true, and I didn't know that's where the tradition started.. thanks for the info lol:p

sexxme 9

cool story bro, tell it again?


JAB2014 1

Lol. Reminds me of the video "10 Miles Wide" for an Escape The Fate song.

JAB2014 1

For GoArmy^^


um...who just randomly discards a book when they're done with it?? YDI

dont buy shit books would be the moral of the story here

L1v3_L0v3_Lau9h 18

When you actually go to buy the book you probably wouldn't be able to tell if the book is shit or not unless you read it yourself.

cc_the_beast 6

The only shit books that you should spend money on are textbooks

Me so smurt, I no need ejamakashun!!

fthku 13

There's a difference between discarding it and being a douchebag thinking it's other peoples' jobs to clean up after you. I work at the X-ray security check for hand bags, and people always leave their junk behind on the boxes where you put cellphoneswallets etc in. It's really ******* annoying- I'm a security worker, I'm not here to clean up your junk. OP, you don't want the book, throw the damn thing yourself or donate it. YDI.

too bad you can't +1 moderators

cc_the_beast 6

No, see I said you SHOULD spend money on textbooks, even if they are tedious and boring. They are the bane of my existence atm.

Go to the library would be the moral of the story here.

I agree. What kind of a post is this FML? At least give us the name of the book so we can put it in context...I wouldn't just discard a book. That's discarding money. It doesn't make sense.

Well played, he did his good deed for the day and probably felt awesome. Everyone's a winner!


Give it to the second hand store or something, if you don't want it.

ImmaB3AST 7

Well its rare seeing good deeds these days.. good for him! doin his job right.

Gruv3r14 1

Reminds me of Abraham Lincoln, walked miles to give this guy change, it was 1 cent. Back then it was more but you get the picture.

dudeitsdanny 9

It's not their job to clean up after you. You don't want the book? Dispose of it yourself, it's not hard. I feel bad for anyone who has to deal with this kind of attitude..

the7thchild 6

Just stop talking. Theyll do what thry want its not yer business

dude they posted it on FML.... people post their opinions on here..... its not your business to tell him to stop talking...

Sex with goat bad?

It actually is their job to clean up after the plane passengers. Have you been on a plane? They always come around with garbage bags and start cleaning the rest when the majority of the people are off the plane.

free2speak 14

92, You filled my otherwise bleak day with laughing on the floor laughter. Your good deed of the day= accomplished.

'Sex with a goat? ' Well, if the goat is not hurt...

sharing the book...thats a good idea, next person to take the seat can read it...

Except for the fact that they remove everything that isnt supposed to be there from the plane after every flight

Yes they do. I don't want to go to my seat and find someone else's trash there. If the OP would have let the fight attendant know of his intent then he might have added it to the collection of mags that they have on board up front. But most likely anything left behind get tossed in the trash anyway. OP would have been better off giving it away personally to someone.

Wow what a nice person o.O