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By d0rk_ - 02/09/2011 20:44 - Canada

Today, I was in English class when I had to use the bathroom. As I was signing out, the teacher said, "Don't forget the hall pass!" It was a plunger. I had to walk across the school with a plunger. FML
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Completely agree with #1. That is not worth complaining about!

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Oh we have to insert said ***** into your teacher's preferred orifice at my school.

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walking around school carrying plungers is what all the coolkids are doing. 8D

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It was an old toilet seat in one of my classes...

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It might be handy while your in there.

Haha the teachers probably thinking, if a students gonna miss part of my class for the bathroom, let's embarrass them and make them carry a plunger...

Stop whining. My auto shops pass is a huge painted rim.

YDI for caring about carrying a plunger around the school. Also, I'm sure other people have had or currently have the same teacher with that hall pass, so if someone saw you, they might know. It's no big deal, it's just school, and it's just a plunger. Really.

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Run it under the sink, hand it to her wet, and say 'glad I had this plunger, it came in handy'. Calmy walk back to your seat.

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YDI for not bein awesome. I would walk around loud and proud as plunger man on my way to the bathroom exclaiming that I will fight all types of shitty crime with my plunger of death!

my teacher made us do the same thing except it was a toilet seat. no joke.

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In my AP history class, it was a giant rock. Lol

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They do the same thing at my school I had to carry around A road sign

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To # 30 Omg! So gross and I thought mine was bad...ew lol

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at my school you gotta use a plastic foot as a bathroom pass

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Mine was a flava-flav chain. Haha jk that would be tight though

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honestly one of my teachers a couple years ago had a brick as a hall pass.

YourEvilHero 12

honestly one of my teachers a couple years ago had a brick as a hall pass.

in my weight training class it is a 35 lb weight lmao

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My history teacher has a stinky pair of boots tied to a roll of soggy, bloody, toilet paper...I feel your pain

Our teacher had a football helmet for a hallpass -.- he made us wear it too...

Mine were boring. For one of my classes we had to wear my teachers old fake Metals. He called them necklaces. In this case though, I would have held it in.

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Lol. The hall pass for my religion class last year was a life-size minion from Despicable Me.


It's probably to get the students to go before class to save themselves the embarrassment of having to carry that through the hallway, even so have fun with it, the teacher only wins if it bothers you.

I feel bad for you. All we have to carry at our school for a hall pass is a broom, empty jug or if the teachers a jerk they make you carry around an old computer screen that doesn't work...

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My sophomore biology teacher hand-crafted a huge wooden box, complete with a mailbox lid on the front, a handle on the top, chicken wire on the sides and wheels on the bottom. Your options are carry it and get your clothes scratched by the chicken wire, or roll it down the linoleum hall. The hall echoes. You can hear someone rolling that damn thing down the hall all the way from the office on the other side of the school.

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My friend's science teacher's hall pas is a used toilet seat.

Hey at least youre not in my science class where if we have to go to the bathroom we have to carry a clear toilet seat with rubber ducks painted onto it across the school!

Ohhhh noooo god forbid u have to walk to the school bathroom holding a plunger

I bet this was the janitors idea so you guys would stop clogging the toilets.

Honestly, a toilet seat pass isn't all THAT bad. Imagine this: If the stalls are taken and you really need to take a shit, you could place the toilet seat down onto the sink and take a shit into it. And as for toilet paper, just use those brown sheets from the dispenser next to the sink to wipe your ass with. :D

lol, that actually sounds hilarious. Swing that plunger around and whistle while you strut down the hall.

my health teacher does the same thing. not that bad o-o

One of my old teachers made us carry around a bike tire..

I would have taken my iPod out, put on the starwars app, and slice anyone with my lightplunger.

Since when are iPods allowed in school? Just wondering..

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hmm well since phones and such are allowed, I would imagine that it hasn't been too long since iPods have been allowed in school.

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21- they call it "byot" bring your own technology. But half the time teachers don't give a shit what you do as long as you're paying attention. It just recently started.. In Texas anyways.

Most teachers at my school can't care least if we pay attention or not.

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lucky bitches. we have to have ours turned off and put away. first offense, taken away and warning. second, in school suspension. third, out of school suspension for three days. awesome, right?

39 were you trying to act smart? hope not...

It seems I was mistaken.. Missmurderx and I live on the only part of the planet where school sucks Hahah =D

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That's nothing, my teacher had us carry his old dreadlocks for a hall pass. *sigh* Those were the days...

122, when I was in high school we weren't allowed to have cell phones or iPods either. We would get in trouble if they caught us on them. We weren't even allowed to use them during lunch

Since when do kids follow all the rules?

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My schools hall pass is a orange board that about seven inches , that says "hall pass" on the back . It's so embarrassing .

A pass you use.. To walk through the hall..

No... it's when your wife gives you a week to do whatever/whoever the hell you want.

Sorry but we don't have hall passes in the uk

In the US, we use big black ****** as hall passes. Does anyone else do that?

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carlosm21 6

You may not have em in the uk but it still pretty self - explanatory

One of my teacher's hall passes in a mannequin head. Imagine that sitting with you while your on the toilet.

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My teacher made us take a whole toilet seat to the bathroom as our hall pass .... Eff MY life.

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We all had to use a hall pass to go to the bathroom at some point while we were in school... Quit whining op...

It was a plunger...did u not get that part?

olpally 32

Yeah.. So what?? No big deal... Everyone else has to use it that are in that class as well... Not just op..

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Some people, like me, like to consider it as a pimp cane to point out them dirty hoes

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What kind of school is this? I mean really!

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She forgot to give you the gloves, brush and bucket. Make a mess clean a mess.