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  JPChiQYaya  |  0

i hate teachers like that. i had a trainee teacher too and in the first day she was there she gave me huge attitude when i didn't even do anything. nobody liked her because she was new and really rude.

  TorturedXeno  |  27

The price of ignorance is priceless.

  Feklfekl2222  |  32

He isn't a jerk, it happens at my school a lot. People pretend to have a hideously heavy accent in front of trainee/new teachers and they get really annoyed. And they never stop it, even when they're rumbled

  FUUUandyourmom  |  16

I'm English, and I live in Michigan. Every time someone from school asks me if I have a speech impediment, I get pretty mad. Though I see your point, #88, I still find OP a jerk, because he could've at least phrased it differently, and not give him a detention.

By  boredblonde  |  17

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  evilplatypus  |  38

How is that NOT op's fault? Even if the kid WAS faking the accent, it's not worth a detention. That's escalating a situation that the kid would probably get bored of in ten minutes. IF they were faking it.
Behavioral management fail

  auzzrage  |  1

well teachers get shit everyday from kids really and wen a new kid turns up and the teacher just thinks o another smart ass not that he might be a Romanian kid

  FU2causeUFML  |  2

Hey 47, you do know he could have just asked him where he is from, and when he said Romania, he could have just looked at the kid's information to see if that's true. Not that hard man.