By NoJob - 24/09/2016 06:41 - United Kingdom - Middlesbrough

Today, I had my first interview. Everything was going well until I made him repeat his name numerous times, as I couldn't understand what he was saying due to his thick accent. FML
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Foot in mouth syndrome

By Anonymous - 05/05/2024 12:00 - United States - Seattle

Today, I had an interview for a pretty interesting job. Everything was going smoothly until I referred to their company by the wrong name, not once, but three times. They politely corrected me each time, but I could see the resentment in their eyes, especially because it was the name of their main competitor. I probably won't be getting the job, huh? FML
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So, everything was going well until you met him and you introduced yourselves?

Why would you need to know his name anyway? Just look it up later if they hire you.


So, everything was going well until you met him and you introduced yourselves?

tantanpanda 26

I didn't get that part either. That's like saying "I was doing amazingly well on my test until I got to the first question". Like, is it an accomplishment to show up and walk through the door? In the case of my analogy, is it an accomplishment to come and write your name on your test? Maybe I'm missing something, OP's wording sounded pretty serious to me.

It could be the manager/supervisor that OP is talking about. OP didn't actually say what person they were referring to before they started using pronouns.

He could have asked for his name after the interview

Why would you need to know his name anyway? Just look it up later if they hire you.

They probably didn't understand that he was introducing himself and saying 'my name is' so asked him to repeat himself.

chrisbeaudoin 26

Considering this is an interview, usually the polite thing to do is introduce yourself

I learned to always close interviews by thanking the person by name. "Thank you for your time and consideration Mr/Dr/Ms ________" Little details like that can leave a big impression. Although if I didn't get it after the second time, I probably would have stopped asking.


if you get hired call him john to one of your coworkers and they will tell you his real name lol

If you couldn't even understand his name I doubt the rest of the interview would have gone much better...

This is one of those few instances that you can repeat what you think you hear without being sure at all. If he corrects you, just say ok and continue with the interview.

"Bob?" "Bo-ob." "Bo-o-ab?" "Bob. Never mind, we'll call you."

Or maybe you had the strong accent and he was normal.

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