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Today, I am 1,000 days sober and drug-free. I suffer from depression and I am craving terribly. I have a migraine and a bladder infection. And I can deal with all of this. But what I can't deal with is my dipshit coworker asking if I want to go out for drinks and snort cocaine to celebrate. FML
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OP here. Thank you guys and girls for all this amazing support! I am truly humbled. #17, I have read and re-read your message. Thank you so very much. #108, Congratulations to your mom! It is always great to hear of other people's success. #134, 49 days and going strong. Well done! Take it one day at a time. To everyone I haven't mentioned, please know that I have read all of your comments, and I will continue to read them every day. It is support like this that keeps me going during the difficult and dark times.

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I think your coworker took the "share a coke with" advertisement a bit too literally.

Wow, that sucks. Your coworker sounds really inconsiderate. Sorry OP


Wow, that sucks. Your coworker sounds really inconsiderate. Sorry OP

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He sounds stupid, cocaine? Dude weed at most.

Seriously #25!?!?!?! That would not be the smartest thing to do. Its called a trigger. While I do not think of Weed as a drug, it is one and OP just stated that they are 1,000 days drug and alcohol FREE! Pretty inconsiderate of you to even suggest that!!! OP CONGRATULATIONS on you time put in to be and stay clean and sober. Its not easy, especially with Assholes that say, "Lets go out and drink and do some coke" Stay away from those people and triggers. And make sure you find someone to talk to to help you from relapsing!! Hell shoot me a damn message if you want!! Good luck to you!!!!

less than 100 days till your bday. stay strong! 1000 days ago you chose a better life for yourself. it's been almost 3 years and you still believe it's the right call. you've got this. call someone you can talk to.

less than 100 days till your bday. stay strong! 1000 days ago you chose a better life for yourself. it's been almost 3 years and you still believe it's the right call. you've got this. call someone you can talk to. and like #40, message me if needed I'm always down to talk:)

That's good and your coworker sucks balls

Yeah, **** your coworker. Some people just can't stand to see other people recovering when they're too ******* weak. Well done OP

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Just no. So much no. Lack of withdrawal does not make something not addictive. Cocaine has almost no physical withdrawal either, would you call that non-addictive?

Marijuana is not physically addictive. You can mentally crave it but you'll never feel sick from not having it. I used to abuse pain pills and when I decided to quit I had chills, I randomly puked, had intense mood swings and just felt terrible. And it was definitely not weed that got me into taking pills. It was surgery. If you ask any hard drug user I guarantee you they won't tell you they smoked weed and then decided to try meth because of it. But OP congrats on being sober that long! That is a huge accomplishment! Don't let your coworker get you off track.

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#6 you should really research things before you quote them as fact. the head of the DEA just said there is no such thing, just the other day... and thats his career. this is not including science and studies conducted. you know who doesnt want you to use marijuana? big, rich, pharmaceutical companies. if you start using mj or cannabis oil to cure ptsd or crohn's or cancer or glaucoma then you wont take their useless medicine and they will lose money.

Just saying, if you don't ingest any type of sugar, simply put, you'll die of malnutrition

Caffeine is addicting yes, ill give you that. However calling it a gateway drug in my opinion is going too far. When you get addicted to something its because it drastically increases the dopamine released in your brain so your brain adapts over time to become less sensitive to this one thing so you need more to get the same level of dopamine being released, with caffeine and coffee you'd need to drink at least a gallon a day for any major effects and most people who end up having their brain become less sensitive usually end up just drinking way too much coffee

#6, You're being sarcastic, right? Alcohol and cigarettes are a lot more addictive than weed and are the real gateway drugs. I suggest you stop buying into that stupid "reefer madness." Before you call me a druggie pothead who will say anything to justify it, I have never smoked weed. My dad has Leukemia and when it makes him sick and not hungry, it helps him get his appetite so he can eat and gain strength.

I quit Facebook to escape stupidity like this and hey, here it is. If you honestly think weed is just fine, go read Harvard's study on it.

That's not necessarily true 13. My brother got so heavily addicted to pot that he would go through horrible physical withdrawals when he didn't have it. It just depends on your mental fortitude.

tantanpanda 26

#34, you can live without sugar. Fat can be used as energy because your body will break it down until it takes the form of gluecose, which is a simple sugar that is then used in ATP synthesis or, in simpler terms, energy. Sugar is extremely addicting, but it's not needed. Carbohydrates will also break down into simple sugars, so you don't need sigar at all. Probably impossible to have a sugarless diet with the stuff on the market, but that's another thing.

You realize that carbs are just complex sugars All sugars are is energy storage devices.Without some form of sugar yes you would die. Your body wouldn't have the energy to continue the millions of chemical reactions that allow you to live. Also weed is infact very dangerous if used without a need. Anything put into the body that is not necessary for your system to maintain homeostasis is bad as it disrupts the normal funtions of the body.

#35. people go through caffeine withdrawals all the time in America. when people drink a lot of soda and coffa, and they get irritable when they don't have it. that is a withdrawal symptom. you don't have to drink gallons a day to be addicted, just like you don't have to snort mounds of cocaine to be addicted. I've watched people shiver and shake because of a lack of caffeine, likewise I've watched people go through withdrawal from pain pills, coke, methadone, and heroin with less symptoms all the way up to full blown seizures. like we better pump some detox meds into them or they are going to drown in their grits.. and yes, I found out in jail, that you can drown in grits. it's sad and funny at the same time

definitely meant coffee... I'm not sure why my phone changed it to coffa

You sir, are one of the most ignorant people of whom I have ever heard. Mirajuana is EXTREMELY addictive and can still cause negative side effects.

#111, do you know what is also addictive and can cause negative side effects? Oxycontin, morphine, Valium, Adderall, and Tylenol. There are a lot more that are addictive and can kill you which are legal. Please go on how marijuana is worse than those drugs.

#112 maybe you should quit smoking weed. It looks like your appetite is completely fine...

rocker_chick23 27

#118: That's adorable. You're making fun #112's weight when you're a lot heavier than she is. Oh, you must have missed where she said she never smoked it. Don't make fun of someone when you have no room to talk.

Oh yeah I'm way heavier than she is. A whole 170 pounds.

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@112 I understand that your father has a legitimate need to use pot. What I don't understand is why you're attacking people and putting words in their mouths. #111 didn't say that pot is worse than all of those other drugs, she only said that pot can be bad, which is true.

#6 - Cannabis isn't addictive, and it has already been proven that it actually isn't a gateway. But government wants people to think so otherwise. Learn your shit before thinking you're correct.

I think your coworker took the "share a coke with" advertisement a bit too literally.

What an idiot. Good on you for staying strong for so long!

Go with him, then when you are sober, make sure you don't get in his car when he drives drunk. Give him directions off a bridge

Who the hell snorts coke to celebrate something anyway?

karcummings 19

stay strong! don't have idiots like your co-worker ruin your 1k days sober.

Stay strong for yourself!! You know how people are. Sounds like your co worker has his own issues.

Stay strong! you are doing so good don't let an idiot get to you.