By sleepylillion - 25/04/2016 05:07 - United States - Eleele

Today, I woke up to the sound of my boyfriend chuckling to himself. Turns out he had just clogged the toilet. When he called maintenance, halfway through explaining the problem he started hysterically giggling and had to hang up mid-sentence. This has been a reoccurring theme. FML
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What i want to know is why he giggles after clogging the toilet...

Couldn't he just unclogg the toilet?


Couldn't he just unclogg the toilet?

MikaykayUnicorn 36

He's clearly five years old and doesn't know how to do simple things like "stop laughing long enough to explain a situation" (although I don't know what's funny about clogging a toilet)

I thought that, the giggling is fine if he is then gonna do the adult thing and unblock the bloody toilet. Who the hell rings maintenance for a clogged toilet?

My mom is a landlord and has had tenants call about clogged toilets. Turns out some people are too dumb to use a plunger effectively, they just kind poke with it once or twice without enough force. I also had to show my best friend/roommate how to use one.

So I take it he doesn't know how to use a plunger?

it's possible (since he is calling maintenance) that the bathroom doesn't come with a plunger, like at a hotel? it doesn't say that there is or isn't a plunger... but he does sound like he is 5 years old

What i want to know is why he giggles after clogging the toilet...

I think that OP wants to know this too. I mean farts are funny, but clogging the toilet? It just doesn't have the same appeal.

Why is would this mean your life sucks. That's hardly even a negative thing.

mds9986 24

Why doesn't he just fix the toilet himself? And why does he still think that sort of thing is so amusing? Sounds like you're dating a boy, not a man.

Sounds like you're a judgmental b*tch.

Wow! I totally am not. I was simply stating that he is definitely depicted as a bit immature in this FML. WHICH, by the way, isn't necessarily a bad thing. Everyone is immature at times. I'd say someone who is a tad immature at times is more fun than someone who is always serious, depending on the situation obviously. YOU, on the other hand, sound too immature. Resorting to name calling strangers over the Internet? Have some respect.

turdwrangler 18

As a drain tech myself I can assure you anything that comes out of your body NATURALLY can be unclogged with a plunger. I can't count the number of times I've used a customers own plunger to unclog their toilet in 2 minuets after they "tried for hours" with the same plunger.

DeadxManxWalking 27

Might be time to get a more mature boyfriend

I'm sorry, but I started laughing before I finished reading this entry.

IKR! Laughter is so infectious even when you haven't seen the person or situation.