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  ZealIFeel  |  7

She might be going about it the wrong way, but in the end, he'll still have a bigger penis and she'll want more sex. I wouldn't really mind either of those things.

  fthislyfe  |  22

Dammit! The 102 comment wasn't actually a reply to this post! But I don't know why it's here. Seriously what's wrong with this website? I post a comment in reply to number 2 and it's here! It's so frustrating.


One time I tried to do that to myself but I didn't want myself to know so I closed my eyes but then I missed the glass and dropped them on the floor and then my dog ate them and was chasing me around my house with a huge erection trying and rape me... I was scared but it was ok because I was wearing pants

  cradle6  |  13

Placebos don't work if you don't know you're taking them.

Those companies have lost huge lawsuits recently because the pills don't do anything.

If you noticed recently the commercials no longer say they'll increase size, just performance.

  robotiick7  |  23

129- if OP puts Viagra into her coffee, that wouldn't do anything but lower her blood pressure. Viagra used to be a pill to lower your blood pressure and one of the side effects for men were erections.