By ThisBlows - 21/09/2011 17:20 - United States

Today, I caught my wife slipping penis enlargement pills into my coffee. FML
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RebekahBrooke 9

oh my god :c that's so depressing.

Is that what is called a stiff cup-a-joe


RebekahBrooke 9

oh my god :c that's so depressing.

Op take a hint... And apparently some more penis pills

No its not. Its true love! Heck, do you even know what these pills cost? If she wouldn't love OP, she would never paid it but dump him!

She might be going about it the wrong way, but in the end, he'll still have a bigger penis and she'll want more sex. I wouldn't really mind either of those things.

chaoticxxxmess 3

15- If it was for love she would have talked about it with him. Not do it behind his back!

fthislyfe 22

It's not about how big it is. It's about how you USE it. Trust me...

Kenik 6

She probably doesn't think you're big enough.

LiveLaughFML 10

if your wife put that inside your coffee, think of all the other things she could have put in before. :O

MissBunnyWillEat 11

Whoa, I read the FML like this at first glance: "Today, I caught my wife sipping on penis enlargements"

eln3mo13 8

not to make this awkward or anything but RebecahBrooke is pretty damn hot

jillianmathers12 13

Maybe she is trying to tell you something!?

MissBunnyWillEat 11

53- perhaps you've mistaken FML for You do know there is a messaging option right? Or were you too busy jacking off to poor rebekah to notice?

Streeet_hayley 6
MissBunnyWillEat 11

59- God, no. Just look really closely at my nose. She has white stuff on hers, I don't.

fthislyfe 22

61: You could have simply said: Kesha is a man, I'm not

RebekahBrooke 9

while of course I don't mind being called hot, this IS FML. so thank you, and you spelled my name wrong. :)

Alex94xela 0

Wow FYL op for having a small penis And a bitch wife

imcutefml 0

Rebeckah how do you feel depressing? Your not the one those affects my cousim toke those pills before and he told me ot hurts baddddd

rebekahbrooke looks kinda like my bunny, which is a very cute bunny.

fthislyfe 22

Enough with rebeccahblahblah talk

Damn better than if you caught her slipping the gardeners dick in her mouth. All around win for you.

fthislyfe 22

I'm actually surprised about how many synonyms the word "penis" has

fthislyfe 22

Dammit! The 102 comment wasn't actually a reply to this post! But I don't know why it's here. Seriously what's wrong with this website? I post a comment in reply to number 2 and it's here! It's so frustrating.

rainbowdinosaur 0

Wasn't that on an episode of keeping up with the kardashians?

monkeys1315 0

At least she wasn't slipping antifreeze into your coffee

kidsanchez1 4

It's depressing but that's better than his wife cheating on him.

That would explain why your coffee tastes like shit.

As a firm believer in the silver lining, at least it's less likely that she is cheating on you if she is willing to help you satisfy her.

Nah. Not that bad. At least she's not cheating!

Haha I totally agree with u Rebekah it's really depressing!

And here comes the golden question, was it bigger?

One time I tried to do that to myself but I didn't want myself to know so I closed my eyes but then I missed the glass and dropped them on the floor and then my dog ate them and was chasing me around my house with a huge erection trying and rape me... I was scared but it was ok because I was wearing pants

Slip her some roofies and ditch her in hong kong!

Slip her some roofies and ditch her in hong kong!

Slip her some roofies and ditch her in hong kong!

bitchslapped22 14

It's funny because your dick is small.

chell1894 13

26, I'm no **** or sex expert but it's how big it is to a certain extent.

But even better when it's big AND you know how to use it correct?

26- So you're saying you would be happy with a three inch dick? Size does matter

What's the problem? If you need them then you need them

Your commenting again? Just stop, lets state the obvious why dont ya!

Check one! Hahaha I just helped someone's bucket list.

HowAreYouToday 34

Sorry?! Op got a bigger wee wee...

flockz 19

if you still call it a wee wee you dont need to worry about your size yet.

that1guy1 13

Nothing to be sorry about, she was only helping him to grow as a person. This is a learning experience for him!

HowAreYouToday 34

I'm a girl. Read my profile before you think that I am worried about my "size"

flockz 19

replace "your" with "anyone else's". problem solved.

MizzErikaHart 8

Thats not so bad. She could just find a new penis, but she wants yours.

cradle6 13

Placebos don't work if you don't know you're taking them. Those companies have lost huge lawsuits recently because the pills don't do anything. If you noticed recently the commercials no longer say they'll increase size, just performance.

tittymagic 0

That could be deadly, if u took another medicine with it, it could cause a reaction like a heart attack. FYL

They should go well with the ones you were already taking. Hope you get a double-dose of results.

Patrick121 0

Put viagra in her coffee and see how it works.

129- if OP puts Viagra into her coffee, that wouldn't do anything but lower her blood pressure. Viagra used to be a pill to lower your blood pressure and one of the side effects for men were erections.

RainbowzSkittlez 6
kickazz16 15

Penis enlargement pills don't work because penis size is genetic. It can't be altered-unless you cut your penis off. Blame genetics.

flockz 19

genetics riiight. i dont think my dad hauls around a 12 inch shlong.

89 i don't think there is is a reason for you to know that...

styphon 5

There are penis enlarging operations, but most increase the size of a non erect penis.

There are other techniques that actually work...

Op, seems like she is trying to improve sex for both of you. Did it work?