By stopfollowingmemeansstopfollowingme - Australia - Matraville
Today, I tried to repay a friend's kindness by taking her visiting brother out for lunch while she was at work. He must have misread my friendliness, as he ended up following me home. I had to call the cops. FML
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By  badrussian79  |  10

The correct response was tazer the —— out of him. As he’s lying on the ground with soiled pants he’ll learn.

You might want to ask you friend before you do anything of that nature. She might have warned you he’s creeper. My brother while harmless AF is a creeper. Before he well let’s say went a bit Goodyear man child I warned girls he’s harmless but boundaries aren’t a concept for him. In one case he flew to another continent to “surprise” her.